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A Livescribe Echo digital voice recorder can be available 24/7 to record your insights and ideas and help you communicate with educators, other parents and students and professionals.

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Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder Sparks English Conversation Group

Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen

Personalized Livescribe Smartpen

Livescribe Voice Recorder Pen Products are Learning Resources That Make Group Conversation Fun

The Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder Smartpen is perfect for English Conversation Classes for teachers and parents participating  in a group English Language or a study group.

The Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder is a marvel even when you look at it solely from its basic ability to record audio in any environment and play it back whenever desired. When you take a step back and realize how effective this audio recorder smartpen can be as a learning tool, this device becomes even more impressive.

Livescribe Voice Recorder Smartpen for Foreign Language Study Groups

One area where a Livescrobe 2 GB Pulse, Livescribe  2 GB Echo or Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen product can prove to be enormously helpful would be in a foreign language learning environment.  This article describes pen benefits for those enrolled in an English as a Second Language (ESL) Conversation study group.

In recent years, there has been a huge influx of immigrants from nations where Spanish is the primary language. These immigrants and their children are enrolled in English conversation classes offered at many venues that are intended to help improve their ability to speak “day to day” English.

As anyone who has had difficulty in a language class in the past will attest, learning a second language can be a chore. But does it have to be?

It does not if you have the right tools available for improving your ability to create and follow a lesson plan record, update and improve class notes as needed.

The audio recorder smartpen can capture a complete recording of every word, handwritten note or drawing and store the complete notes on smart pen or computer.

The notes transferred to the pen owners personal online Livescribe Desktop can be stored as a Custom Notebook for easy retrieval and replay, and sharing with the teacher, friends and all group participants.

For a teacher leading a conversation group and the parents participating in an English Conversation group, a Livescribe Smartpen like the Echo 4 GB Smartpen may make this language learning activity much more effective.

For parents in search of the perfect tool for helping their young ones learn to speak English,  improve linguistic skills including pronunciation, and overcome language barriers, the Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder might very well be the one thing that makes the class lessons a lot easier to master.

How Can The Audio Recorder and Smart Pen Help?

The most basic way a Livescribe voice recorder smartpen product can help is that it can easily store the audio of whatever class you participate in on the memory in the pen. Afterwards, the audio files can be transferred to your computer, a flash drive, or any other external source you have in mind.

Once you have a crystal clear recording of your English conversation class, you can review the class notes as often as you like in order to ensure the material remains fresh in your mind. With an optional Bilingual Spanish Language translator you can tap on a word in the notes for pronunciation, definition and use in a sentence. The Translator software can help with verb conjugations as well.

And yes, the words “crystal clear” are not an exaggeration. The digital sound quality is so sharp if you were to close your eyes you would think you were actually in a classroom.

Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen More Versatile

Before you say you can use just any digital voice recorder to capture the audio of a class or study group, you need to be aware of the fact this smartpen is far, far more flexible than competitive digital pens or digital voice recorders.

For example, with the Vision Object MyScript for Livescribe handwriting Conversion Software, you can convert the notes transferred from the pen to your own personal online web space provided by Livescribe with a smartpen.

More importantly, there are quite a number of exceptional apps in addition to the Vision Object handwriting conversion sottware which can expand the ways  a Livescribe smartpen can be used. Traditional digital recorders can’t accommodate these apps so you won’t be able to use such novel and helpful apps as Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Stickers which can be used in a number of creative playback ways.

Remember, a conversation class is designed to help you speak English as part of normal day-to-day activities. Anything that can help improve your language skills can speeds up your ability to converse in scores of common everyday scenarios.

English Language Learners can even record conversations with people in public places and review notes,  if your language skills are improving. Yes, you can take this smartpen to the grocery store and turn a mundane trip into a learning experience. You can carry the Livescribe smartpen 24/7 in pocket or purse, without access to computer until the long life battery (5 to 8 hours) needs recharging.

And by the way, you need not feel this smartpen is to only be used for classroom related activities. Parents and students can create games and exercises and use it anywhere. Parents can use a Livescribe smartpen for recording Parent/Teacher Conferences and for facilitating exchange of penmail with a teacher, librarian or school administrator. Whether in the home or at work, the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen can be used anytime you wish to record for later review.

A Livescribe Smartpen As A Learning Resource

Of course, parents, friends and colleagues as well as students can use a Livescribe Smartpen like the Echo 4 GB Smartpen as a learning tool in many venues.

You will discover a smartpen’s  greatest benefit is its ability to enhance the speed in which a foreign language learner can improve linguistic skills. You can even help others learn by “broadcasting” your pencasts on the Livescribe Community Online.

Anyone with a Livescribe smartpen can play back anything published on the Livescribe Online Community. Who knows? You might even find a pencast by searching Spanish Language on the Livescribe Online Community that contributes greatly to your language learning experiences and potential.

 A Livescribe Smartpen Is the Core of an Electronic Tool Box

Once again, the Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen, APX00005, often called the Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen APA00006, is a Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder pen that integrates a number of different apps capable of expanding the functionality of this smartpen product.

One of the more fun apps would be the aforementioned app for adding sound clips to Livescribe Sound Stickers stickers using a voice recording smartpen like a 4 GB Echo with the Sound Stickers App. These 3/4 inch sound stickers can then be affixed to objects, exercises like Word Walls, books and book pages to play back words, phrases, and complete sentences.

You can affix them anywhere you want and you can even create flashcards or games with them. Children, in particular, will definitely become more interested in learning if the experience is interactive and fun.

Parents can create a Talking Storybook using the sound stickers on each page of a child’s favorite book. This app opens the door for engaging children in an interactive learning experience. To read about the creativity of the Livescribe Sound Sticker App,  visit here:.

To read about the creativity of the Livescribe Sound Sticker App, check our the video below:

Also helpful is the Livescribe Paper Tablet app, which uses a page focus to facilitate reviewing and adding to Notebook notes that have been transferred to your computer. Add keywords for searching to a Notebook page or a video or digital signature to a document.

The greater your reading comprehension skills, the greater the potential of your linguistic skill improvement. The Livescribe Paper Tablet can definitely help you improve organization of notes for searching, replay and sharing. For a discussion of the use of the Paper Tablet to modify and enhance documents, visit here:

Bottom Line

A Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder definitely can help Spanish-speaking people who are trying deal with a language barrier while improving linguistic skills in  learning English as a second language. A Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder Smartpen  can speed up the language learning process immensely and make learning much more fun.

This Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder smart pen is very simple in concept, but it can spark conversation in an English Conversation Group The Sound Recorder is an amazing interactive device that can even be used by teachers and parents to communicate as well as adding to spark fun and engaging kids learning in English learning exercises, games and activities.

For a detailed Current Review of the Livesscribe 4Gb Echo Smartpen APA00006,  Click Here

For a great deal on a 4 GB Echo Smartpen, click here:Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen APX-00005



Livescribe Archives A Wealth of Valuable Info for Educators

Livescribe Smartpen Archives: A Wealth of Valuable Information for Educators and Students

Teachers, Educators, School Administrators, and Parents should check out the Livescribe Archives related to Education for a wealth of valuable information. The Livescribe Archive: Applications in Education, Transforming the World Using the Livescribe Smartpen, can be found at:

Dating from the time the Livescribe Digital Voice Recording Smartpens were first introduced, there are dozens of recordings, each with a video showing examples and how-to lessons on using the Livescribe Smartpens to advantage:

One particular article dated March 2010, “12 Ways Educators and Students are Using the Smartpen” presents a valuable perspective that should be updated.  This article was written for use with the Pulse Smartpen. Since March 2010, Livescribe has introduced many new apps and accessories.  This article can be viewed at

“12 Ways Educators and Students are Using the Livescribe Smartpen”

I have paraphrased the 12 Ways presented in the article by the Livescribe Education Department:

  1. An example of articulation practice which could be used for enunciation, word stress in a sentence, grammar etc.;
  2. Ecample of A Drawing with labels with recorded messages;
  3. Interactive Science Flashcards;
  4. Example of a Classroom Observation with highlights or whole recording captured
  5. Example of a Collaborative Oral Project with multiple students participating
  6. Example of a LearningCenterActivity, Enabled Phoneme Blending
  7. Lesson on Music Composers showing sticker with audio recording and supporting details
  8. Audio of Oral Book Review
  9. Example of a Student Fluency Test with student reading;
  10. Notes for Substitute Teacer with supporting detail
  11. Interactive Talking Test with verbal response
  12. Example of Talking Word Wall

Frequent Comments About Archive Limitations

I have read frequent comments about Livescribe Archive limitations snd omissions.  It would be nice to have this article brought up to date
    • We have names for some of apps used for these examples.  To you see the ones accomplished using Livescribe Sticky Notes, or those using Livescribe Sound Stickess?

        •  This article does not emphasize the value of Livescribe Desktop Support in organizing notes for searching, retrieval and sharing.

      • This article does not highlight the use of the Livescribe Smartpen with ICloud apps, mobile phones or for family engagement.  Livescribe Connect Basic was introduced after this article was published. And the Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen introduced over a year later.

    • Many new users have enjoyed a free year’s subscription to Evernote Premium.


Check Out the Information at Livescribe Archives!

The  list of Ways a Livescribe Smartpen can be used to support educators and students is great with details and many supporting videos is great.

For information presented from the perspective of a teacher, educator or school administrator, be sure to check out:

Livescribe Smartpen Archives: A Wealth of Valuable Information for Educators and Students

Digital Smartpen Plus Sound Stickers Help Teach Grammar

Digital Smartpen Plus Livescribe Sound Stickers Helps Children Learn Grammar

How to Use Technology to Make Learning Grammar Fun

A digital smartpen like a Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen, APX-00005,  with the Livescribe Sound Stickers App helps children learn grammar. Many early childhood programs feature interactive tools like the Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen products to make learning interactive and fun.

Parents and teachers realize that using technology to create interactive activities puts the educational activities in a play context.

Parents can use a digital voice recording pen in combination with the Livescribe Sound Stickers App to create interactive talking stories, exercises and games to boost children’s language skills, confidence.and love of learning while making learning subjects like grammar fun.

What is a Digital Smartpen?

Handwritten formula

Using a Livescribe Smartpen


A digital smartpen is an electronic pen recorder that records integrated handwritten notes and drawings. Livescribe Smartpen products like the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen let you capture complete handwritten and drawn notes while simultaneously recording audio notes of a lecture or meeting, synching and storing handwriting and audio notes for search and replay.

Search Livescribe Notebook(s) on smartpen or Livescribe Desktop using a keyword or keywords.  Tap a keyword with the smartpen to replay and share the synched and integrated notes you seek.


How Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen Products Help Kids Learn

Digital Audio Recorders are among best learning tools for kids. For example, one way the parents can engage kids at home is by creating Talking Storybooks where the kids tap a Livescribe Sound Sticker or a Sticky Note to read a story, or read each page in a storybook.  In earning to read mode, the parent reads can each word with the student,sounding out the words in each sentence on a page.

Parents can also engage kids in practicing learning exercises using Livescribe interactive sound stickers.  Learning English grammar may seem boring to a student who is not engaged in the learning process. A parent can use an interactive exercise to put the exercise(s) the child needs most in a play context and make learning grammar fun.

Can an Electronic Pen Improve Children’s Grammar Skills?

Can parents really use a Digital Smartpen to improve their child’s grammar skills? Young children will learn better and more quickly if they are more engaged in reading, vocabulary and grammar exercises as well as interactive games that capture the child’s excitement and sense of wonder.

The more engaged in learning the child is, the easier it will be for the child to learn at home and for the parents to help their children improve linguistic skills like grammar. The kids may start to see the grammar exercises in the reading program in a play context.

According to the Harvard Family Research Project (HERP), parents are the primary bridge between school, family engagement and out-of-school activities.  A Livescribe Echo Voice Recorder Smartpen can:

  • Help educators and parents understand children’s learning needs;
  • Record parent/teachers conferences, exchange text messages and facilitate communication between school, tutors and families;
  • Share key up-to-date results
  • Support learning during out-of-school-time (before and after school, extended day and summer activities.

A recent Leapfrog message promoted “Building Spelling Skills with free activities and printables”.  A child’s teachers might recommend FREE LeapFrog and other age-appropriate activities to be done to improve linguistic and grammar skills.

Parents can Use Livescribe Voice Recording Sound Stickers App to Create Custom Exercises and Games

Parents can create custom vocabulary, reading and grammar exercises as well as games for for a child using a Livescribe Digital Smartpen to record an audio and handwritten or digital text message on  Livescribe Sound Stickers.

The multiple choice exercise can be recorded with answers for each choice.  The child taps on an answer sticker to hear the question and the answer chosen, and whether the choice is a winner or not.

With a digital voice recorder smartpen and the new Livescribe Audio Recorder Sound Stickers App, more imaginative and bold learning initiatives can be created especially for your child. Exercises can be created that open the door for imaginative ways to capture the child’s excitement while practicing reading, vocabulary, and grammar at home.

Parents can buy the Livescribe Voice Recording Sound Stickers App at Livescribe Inc., and download the Sound Stickers App to the pen.  There are 1000 adhesive-backed sound stickers in a $15 Livescribe Sound Sticker package.

Use sound stickers to create a game, muli-choice exercise, a word wall and many other learning aids.

Perhaps the neatest thing about creating a talking story book or exercise for your child using the Livescribe sound stickers is that parents can record their audio files using their own voices.  The parents can read stories in a way that their own child enjoys the most.

If a child likes the sound of the monster in Beauty and the Beast roaring the way Daddy roars, he can accommodate the child.  Parents can record the sounds the children like the most, the exercises the child needs most and likes best. These interactive eBooks are great at building skills and excitement but most the versions are very expensive.

Great Source for Creating Exercises to Help Children Learn Grammar

Dr. John Nelson, the co-ordinator of the MA program in ESL/bilingual education at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) has recently completed a two volume book entitled “Making English Grammar Meaningful and Useful”. The two volutmes, one targeted to Teachers and one to Students are modeled after a class he teaches at UMBC.

In the book, Dr. Nelson attempts to demystify the teaching of English grammar.  Dr. Nelson has taught ESL to elementary and secondary school, university and adult English language learners. Each topic is categorized and Dr. Nelson includes detailed descriptions of grammar points with dozens of exercises parents can use or extend, as well as the answers to the multi-choice questions.

The book contents will inform parents of age-appropriate exercises for ESL, foreign language learners and regular students. For parents and teachers the book exercises will take most of the work out of creating exercises to help children learn grammar.

Learning Prowess is Built Small Steps at a Time

As John F. Kennedy once said, “A Child Miss-educated is a Child Lost”. An imaginative process of a child assimilating grammar and reading comprehension skills is one that is achieved in small steps.

Amazing interactive eBooks are available now with audio versions that read to the child.  These interactive eBooks are great at building skills and excitement but most the versions are expensive.

In the LeapFrog Early Reader Series a child can tap on an object to hear the word or phrase pronounced and the definition.  The child can also tap on a sticker on an object to read the page.

There are also interactive exercises in each book that extend the reading comprehension and vocabulary learning activities. Parents can use the Livescribe Sound Sticker App to create similar exercises and games.

The Imaginative  Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Stickers App

The Livescribe Sound Stickers App is downloaded onto the Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen which digitally records sounds similar to talking into the microphone of a MP3 recorder and player. The biggest difference is the fact that the recording device is a pen. It operates like a true digital voice recorder pen only if it can capture sounds and record handwriting and drawing at the same time.

A parent or teacher can write on the label and record audio before affixing the sticker on a page of the Talking Storybook or on a Word Wall.

How a Livescribe Digital Sound Recorder Operates

An Audio Voice Recorder Smartpen like the Livescribe Echo Smartpen 4 GB APX00005 is a relatively simple and inexpensive electronic pen that can do things considered almost magical.  It can record audio and store it in the memory of the Livescribe smartpen itself and playback the audio with amazing clarity.

Once the audio recording is stored, it can be transferred to a computer hard drive, a flash drive, or an MP3 player,

The Livescrie Audio Recording Sound Stickers App is downloaded to the digital pen where audio is recorded and stored in the memory of the pen. Sound recorded on the pen is transferred to the memory on the sticker.

The audio recorded on the sound sticker may be that of the teacher or the parent.  The ¾ inch recorded sound sticker is adhesive-backed and can be affixed to an object for a vocabulary lesson.  The parent or teacher simply records the answer, pronounces the word(s), uses the answer in a sentence and tells the child whether the choic is correct.

Using Livescribe Sound Stickers with Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder Smartpen boosts a parent’s potential for helping their children with homework. The ability for an elementary school student to listen and respond to a vocalization of a story or an interactive exercise confirms that the student has comprehended the lesson and answered the question correctly.

Imaginative, fun interactive activities can help the child learn grammar step by step and build skills and confidence.  The more students get used to using grammar in this fun way at school and at home, the larger kids’ appetites will be for more reading fun and more books.

Parents can use a digital smartpen plus Livescribe Sound Stickers to boost their children’s reading skills and help their children learn grammar.  With interactive exercises created using Livescribe Sound Stickers, they can provide optimum reading and grammar fun in a play context.

Is the Livescribe 4GB Echo APX-00005, the Best Digital Smartpen for Helping Children Learn Grammar?

Livescribe digital voice recorder smartpens offer many benefits for parents as well as helping their children learn.  Because of the cost of the Livescribe smartpens, elementary and secondary school students should use these digital smartpens under the supervision of a teacher or parent.

Recently, Livescribe has increased the price of the 2GB Echo Smartpen more than 20%.  The price of the 2 GB Echo product is close to that of the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen product, APX-00005, which has twice the smartpen storage.

The 2 GB Echo Smartpen includes Livescribe Connect Basic, while the 4 GB Smartpen Product which is about $20 more but has twice the smartpen storage. The 4 GB Echo smartpen also includes Livescribe Connect Premium (offering email capability, a $15 value).

Current Recommendation

Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen APX-00005, is ranked currently fourth at Amazon in Electronics in  Digital Pens and fifth in Digital Audio Recorders.  I believe the Livescribe Echo 4G Smartpen is the best study tool for parents and the Best value!

For details on the Echo 4 GB product at Amazon, click here:4GB Echo Smartpen APX00005 .


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Digital Smartpen Great Language Learning Tool?

Echo 8GB Smartpen connected to Laptop

Digital Smartpen Great Language Learning Tool?

A digital smartpen combined with a set of dot paper adhesive-backed labels for foreign language learners can create a great language learning tool for students. One key is to make the reading exercises fun and excite students’ sense of wonder and imagination.

Livescribe is working with Miami University on the Myaamia Project where teachers use “a digital penlet” (like a stylus or simple digital pen) and a set of dot paper adhesive labels to help native Americans speaking the Myaamia language learn the names of many objects found around the home.


Livescribe Sound Stickers

On the Myaamia Project, the labels are also used to create flashcards and Talking Storybooks. One Talking Storybook shown on the Livescribe Site is Myaamis Big Brown Bear! You just know that Livescribe believes in the future of Talking Storybooks–the categories in the Livescribe Store include APPS, Accessories….Books and Myaamis Big Brown Bear is one of the Book offerings.

Parents, students and teachers can follow the lead of the Myaamis Project and add Livescribe Voice Recording Sound Stickers in similar ways to help language learners learn to read.  They can add labels to sound stickers and audio recording words and affix the adhesive-backed sound stickers to objects in the class or at home.  For language learners the audio might be in English.

To each page of a beloved book like Eric Carle’s Big Brown Bear, a parent can create a Storybook sound sticker  describing the book.  Or parents might create a sound sticker for each page with the audio including questions and bear sounds to help reading comprehension.

Creating Talking Storybooks

A couple sets of stickers can also be affixed to each page of a more complex Talking Storybook.  One set of stickers with a colored label might identify the audio message recorded at a slower speed on a smart pen and  a message designed to encourage a student to read along with the Talking Storybook.   A vivacious parent or teacher can create a recording for each page to captivate a language learner with the story being read to the child.

There are all sorts of creative activities you can do with a digital smartpen and these marvellous Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Stickers.  You do not need a fancy Smart pen to create any of them.  How about the bottom of the Livescribe Echo Smartpen line, the Livescribe Echo 2 GB Smartpen APX00008.

With a 2 GB Echo Smartpen APX00008, parents, teachers and librarians can create Storybooks that can read to children and exercises like translation flashcards to help children read. What a great smartpen application.

To check out Echo 2G Smartpen Deals at Amazon click here: 2 G Echo APX00008 

To Read a popular review of the Livescribe 2 GB Smartpen APA00009, visit here

To Check Out a Post about Use of the 2GB Echo Smartpen APA00009 for ESL Students visit here:



Remember record a book and Never Miss a Thought

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Livescribe ANA-00043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App

Livescribe ANA-0043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App Godsend for Professionals 

If you’re a business professional, you owe it to yourself to look at the Livescribe ANA-00043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes. As you know, it’s important to keep record of and track everything important and then share.

The challenge here is having an effective way to record all content that is important, organize it and communicate effectively. This year Livescribe released their Sticky Notes Voice Recorder app to address these exact needs.

If you are familiar with Livescribe’s digital voice recorder smartpens, then you know that you can capture everything you hear and what you write on your pen. The recordings will be integrated and saved on your pen or on your computer for later access. Typically, big dot paper notebooks have been used in order to record your voice and writing. Not if you use Livescribe Voice Recorder Sticky Notes. If you want something easier to use and more versatile, then the Livescribe Dot Paper Sticky Notes are perfect.

Like the Livescribe notebook, you can record your voice and writing on to the pen and transfer notes to the computer but the sticky notes are more versatile. Each 3″ X 5″ note pad has 450 sheets of adhesive-backed paper and each sticky note is removable from a surface and repositionable. This means the prioritiy of  a sticky note about an issue may be changed, or an assignment for an employee moved to another employee.

A pad of sticky notes is easier to carry around than a notebook or journal and you can use them to organize a to-do list very easily. You can quickly organize contents of notes in your sticky pads and figure out what you need to do.

Livescribe Digital Smartpens Effective Recording and Communication Aids

Livescribe Digital Voice Recording Smartpens optimize each stage of the note taking process, from capturing every word of a lecture, conversation, meeting or conference while recording hand written notes drawings and synthesizing the recordings.

The digital notes from audio recording and note taking can be stored on pen for searching or transferred to the professional’s online personal Livescribe webspace and organized for searching, replay and sharing.  The smartpens optimize every step of the note taking process from recording, to organization and management for searching, report preparation and sharing.

Digital smartpen technology in digital smartpens like the Livescribe Pulse and Livescribe Echo has transformed the pen from a writing instrument into a multimedia communication tool.  Drawings of visual input can now be integrated with audio recordings and written notes, stored and searched in digital form.

The Livescribe Digital Smartpens are also awesome multimedia tools for sharing and collaboration. The multimedia output can be transferred to computer (Livescribe Desktop), organized for sharing, reviewed, updated and exported through multiple media using Livescribe Connect to email or send to Facebook, Google Docs or Evernote via computer,  or mobile phone.

These multimedia communication tools create an office tool of enormous power, providing professional with unprecedented opportunities at every stage of the management process.

Communication with Employees, Teachers, Parents and Colleagues Key

Perhaps the most important use of this digital pen is as a tool for communication Professionals to Employees, Professionals to Colleagues, Teachers to Parents.

President Obama has a cradle-to-career plan to reform our nation’s schools. He is calling on parents to take responsibility for their child’s success. His vision includes the belief that all children can and will succeed, and that parents are the bridge to this success.  Teachers help their students  succeed by connecting with parents.  Parents can help their children to succeed by:

  • finding out what’s needed to ensure the student reaches his or her potential
  • learning how the parent can help reach the identified goals.
To understand the role of the Livescribe Voice Recording Smartpen and the Livescribe Sticky Note App in Parent/Teacher communication, check out this UTube video.
Use of the Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App for Note Organization and Search

Another key use of the Livescribe ANA-000043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App  for organization and management of recorded notes.  You can add one to a page of a Livescribe Notebook or Textbook as a reminder of where you recorded the note and key points.

Livescribe Sticky Notes can be used as interactive organizers that group contents of the sticky notes with pages with similar content. Rather than having multiple pages you have to sift through in multiple notebooks, you can have all the content in one notebook page, original with sticky notes.

Are you looking for examples on how to use the Livescribe Sticky notes? Then consider the following: You have to research and come up with a marketing plan. You take down notes by using your Livescribe pen to start the recording process. Now that you have your notes, you have a ton of ideas and references on what you’ve written down.

You can then record your sticky notes on the smartpen and transfer them to the computer.  Once stored you can grab your new sticky notes and pass them to meeting participants as reminders or stick them to the appropriate page of the meeting agenda and minutes.

The transferred notes can be used to create a custom Livescribe Notebook-public or private- by dragging and dropping content from a Livescribe notebook and the  sticky notes app, recording keywords for searching and organizing the related notes or put them in appropriate spot on one of your notebooks.

You can view and revise the Custom Notebook or even email it to your employees, meeting participants and colleagues  using Livescribe Connect to ask about what they think. You can also transfer your notes to Evernote and share them that way.

The whole process will increase productivity for your business activities. The old way of taking down notes and trying to remember where you put them, where all relevant pieces are and what you were thinking is no more. The recording will remind you of your exact thought process at the time. You also don’t have to explain your notes when you transfer the notes on to somebody else.

In conclusion the Livescribe ANA000043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App is perfect for professionals. There are many ways you can use the app from brainstorming, doing research, creating a to-do or list of action items, or even coming up with a shopping list. Create an assignment list, an address book, a Livescribe Launch Line Shortcut, or special email list.

Now the whole process of jotting down ideas and organizing is more fluid and intuitive. Sharing your notes is a great use of this app. Livescribe ANA-000043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App can be a godsend for professionals.

For details on the 2 GB Echo Smartpen,  Click: Livescribe 2G Echo APX-00008


FTC Consumer Notice: I am proud to be an Affiliate for Amazon. This means my blogs and pages may contain one or more Amazon affiliate links.  If you buy a product through a link on this page, I may earn an affiliate commission (without you paying one cent more for the  product.



Digital Smartpen Teaching Strategies Using Sound Stickers

Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool with Livescribe Sound Stickers

Have you ever stopped to think about the amazing creativity which can be employed with a Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool for elementary school children? How about this unique scenario: you could hang a map of the United States on the wall of a classroom and instead of just looking at the map, the students could listen to the map. Actually, they could listen to all 50 individual states telling them what their capital is, when the state was founded, its nickname, and even a little trivia about it. Does this sound just a tad bit fantastic? It really is not because through the use of a Digital Smartpen as a teaching tool and a Livescribe Sound Stickers App, you could make such a map come to life.

The map is only one single example. There are scores of other amazingly creative learning tools you can make with your Smartpen once you have this app in place.

How the Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool Works

The way his Smartpen works is relatively simple. It records sound digitally in a manner no different than speaking into a microphone directly into an MP3 player/recorder. The obvious difference is a pen is a….pen. It is a real pen for sure but it also has the ability to record sound. Many elementary school students that need a little extra help with their lessons and record  classroom sessions for later playback can make use of this feature quite nicely.

But, why just playback classroom sessions with your voice recorder when you can add in a Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App for much more interesting and fun learning?

What the Voice Recorder Sound Stickers Apps Have to Offer

The Livescribe Apps are downloaded directly to the Smartpen. With this Sound Sticker App, you record audio onto one of the thousand Sound Stickers 3/4″ in diameter.  To learn more about the use of the Livescribe Sound Sticker app, check out this UTube video:

These stickers can be affixed anywhere you wish to place them and they will play back audio in a crystal clear manner. The Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers are adhesive-backed and re-positionable.  The app has volume controls for recording and the recording can be deleted from the sticker.

Once again, you must keep in mind the fact that the audio is recorded digitally. While you will not be able to store 1,000 songs on a Dot Paper Sticker, you will have the ability to record audio of a reasonable length. And yes, the sound quality of the audio will be quite clear.

Of course, making the audio is one thing. Putting it to effective use is another? What can you do with these sticker recording?

How To Make the Most Out of the Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Sticker Apps

One thing to keep in mind here is that elementary age school children will learn better when the environment is a fun one. This does not mean the approach to learning should be undisciplined as that would be a disaster. Rather, it just needs to be unique, original, and able to capture the child’s sense of wonder.

The use of these audio stickers opens the door for many different ways in which you can capture the child’s sense of wonder.

For example, you can create interactive flash cards that speak to the child which would certainly help boost the learning capabilities such cards are intended to deliver. You could also add the stickers to the pictures of famous men and women from history. These legendary historical figures could then “talk” to the young ones making a history lesson quite personal and memorable. You can also record a sticker with guidelines for math problems.

You can even come up with bolder and more expansive learning tools such as a full storybook. The traditional example of a storybook would be a publication that mixes words and pictures. That is a perfectly fine learning tool but you can improve upon it somewhat.

The way the storybook can be improved would be through turning the traditional storybook into a talking storybook. The storybook itself could read its own contents to the child. This way, the young one can follow along with the audio and read the words at the same time. This can certainly boost the child’s reading and comprehension skills relatively quickly and easily.

The more engaged in learning the elementary school child is, the easier it becomes to learn the material. The easier it is to learn, the quicker the child learns. Yes, it really is that simple.

A Basic Teaching Tool That Delivers Amazing Results

Dull and boring are not exactly the attributes you would want any learning program to embody when you are trying to instruct elementary school children. With a Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool and a Livescribe Sound Stickers App, you never have to worry about lessons being dull.

To read about the Digital Smartpen for Students, Click here:2G Echo Starter Pack APX-00008 

Consumer Notice:  My blogs may contain one or more affiliate links. That means if you buy an Amazon product  from one of them I may get paid an affiliate commission.



Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen APA-00009 Customizing for Your Student

Customizing a Livescribe 2 GB Efigs Echo smartpen For Your Student

The  2 GB Echo Efigs smartpen APX-00008 from Livescribe records everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to your notes, so you can find what you need. Packed with many features for capturing every word of a lecture, minutes and conversations, this Echo smartpen product allows recording your audio, notes and drawings while preserving the relationship between audio and notes taken at the time of recording.  The integrated notes or pencasts, can be stored on the pen or Desktop where they can be organized and searched, broadcast, shared or archived.

I own a Pulse smartpen; the feature set is rich, with the latest and greatest in digital pen technology.  The pen is great for parents, teachers, students but so is the Echo 2GB equivalent Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack. Actually according to the Livescribe Customer and Product Support personnel, all the Echo smartpen products are “Starter Packs”. The Amazon Product Livescribe recommends is the Echo 2GB APX-00008.  Amazon seems to have multiple Echo 2 GB digital pens but the APX00008 is the digital pen recorder that is the same product as the Livescribe 2GB Efigs Echo Smartpen on the Livescribe website!

At the same time, Livescribe has enhanced the digital pen technology so the Livescribe digital voice recorder captures synchronized audio sounds recorded while you take notes or create drawings.  A voice recording can be replayed by tapping the pen to the dot paper at a special word (keyword), retrieving your audio or notes  by handwritten word or phrase. Tapping synchronizes the replay with the timing of the original notes.

What is a Livescribe Smartpen?

Both the Livescribe Echo 2 GB  and the Pulse 2 GB smartpens are Efigs voice recorders based on the Anoto Digital Pen Technology. For more information about the popular Anoto Digital Pen Technology, check out Digital SmartPen Technology

The Anoto digital pen technology has been used by digital pens for years to capture whatever a digital smartpen writes and draws on special dot paper.

Tapping synchronizes the replay with the timing of your original notes, so you can see exactly what you took down at a given point during the original lecture. The recorded audio visual clips are called pencasts.  They can be stored on the pen and transferred to your PC or Mac for storage, updating, searching, retrieval, review and exporting to friends.  The pencast works just like any computer file.

Conversion of Handwriting to Digital Text

If a pen user’s handwriting is sometimes illegible, with the optional MyScript for Livescribe Handwriting Conversion Software (about $30), your  handwritten and audio notes recorded with the 2 GB Echo can be converted to digital text, making the notes easier to organize, search and share.

Livescribe Desktop Support

Files on your computer can be organized in Custom notebooks on your personal Livescribe online web space. Your personal Livescribe space probably contains far more information than an armful of physical notebooks, and can be stored in much less space.  To be sure you have enough space for your virtual notebooks, Livescribe  gives you 500 MB of online storage.

Can you see why the potential for the new Livescribe 2GB Echo digital pen recorder is so great?

For a detailed columnar representation of the features and functionality of the Livescribe 2GB Pulse Model APA00003 versus the  2GB Echo Model APX00008, check out the link below, Should I Buy a Livescribe Pulse or Echo  HERE

In addition to the features described in the video, all the Pulse and Echo pens are voice recorders that can capture every word of a speech, lecture, conversation or tutoring session. The audio recordings are very clearly indexed to synchronize with your written notes, a groundbreaking feature allowing easy access to playback from any point in the recording and the ability to update the recording and maintain synchronization.  All Pulse and Echo smartpens share these amazing feature sets; to compare the differences in storage and audio outputs, check out my handy side-by-side comparison of the models below or on the following page.

For more details on this 2 GB Smartpen for Students, Click here: Livescribe 2GB Echo APX00008        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    FTC Consumer Notice: I am proud to be an Affiliate for Amazon. This means my blogs and pages may contain one or more Amazon affiliate links.  If you buy a product through a link on this page, I may earn an affiliate commission (without you paying one cent more for the  product.


Livescribe Enhances 2GB Echo Smartpen Social Networking

Livescribe Unveils New Echo 2GB Smartpen

News Flash – Since unveiling the Pulse 2GB Smartpen in 2008, Livescribe has always been on the breaking edge, allowing users to easily record notes and audio to replay on pen or your computer. This article gives a preview of the new pen announced by Livescribe in the end of May and the Social Networking enhancements.

One of the things that have been missing is an easy and intuitive way to share your blogs and website content with other people.  But that is now a reality as you can send and share with Livescribe Connect, a feature that allows you to share on social networking sites.

Livescribe Connect

So how does Livescribe Connect work?  The concept of sharing is just like a podcast where you share audio with your followers.  When it comes to Livescribe, you will be sharing “pencasts” which you will be able to share with friends, colleagues, employees, and business partners.

The features obviously have many uses for many different people. You can send and share with Livescribe Connect via email, Google Docs, Facebook, and Evernote; Livescribe even makes it so that people with mobile devices can access your notes online.

Social media has become a big part of our Internet lives and now Livescribe has made this element come alive for their new product.

Another feature that Livescribe users will really appreciate is the Pencast PDF.  This feature allows you to create an audio embedded PDF file, an  interactive PDF.  Anyone with Adobe Reader 10 or higher will be able to download your PDF and go through the recorded notes. What makes this so great is the fact that PDFs are very popular since more people are buying eBooks, and reading them on devices like the Kindle as well as the iPad, and also because almost everyone is familiar with Adobe Reader.

This is a great way to share content if you represent a business or an organization that wants to offer value to your followers. As for the Livescribe product itself, it works by using a Livescribe digital voice vecorder smartpen with a set amount of space from 2GB to 4GB.  The basic functionality behind all Livescribe Smartpens is shown in the video below.

The award-winning Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen is featured in this video by my friend web designer and copywriter Scott Foster.  Scott owns a Pulse Smartpen as I do.  This video shows how much Scott believes in the Livescribe smartpens and how highly he rates their value.  He presents a clear demonstration of the Livescribe smartpens’ easy-to-use transcription functionality, allowing you to record everything you write and draw, edit the recordings, and convert the handwriting to digital text.  The Killer App, though, most people believe, is the voice recording feature, rather than the handwriting recording and transcription.   Here is Scott’s video.


In addition to the features described in the video, all the Pulse and Echo pens are voice recorders that can capture every word of a speech, lecture, conversation or tutoring session. The audio recordings are very clearly indexed to synchronize with your written notes, a groundbreaking feature allowing easy access to playback from any point in the recording and the ability to update the recording and maintain synchronization.

Scott Foster’s video copyright at Need an Article,

The Livescribe pen is used with a special notebook and you simply press record on the notebook and start talking to start creating your interactive note.

Livescribe Unveils 2GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack APA-00009

The current Product Code I APX00008; the price of their low end pen, the Livescribe 2GB Echo currently  costs $119.95.  It includes the Livescribe software, Livescribe Connect Basic software, starter dot paper, USB cable, ink cartridge for the smartpen, and guides on how to use the pen. Users that need more storage space on the smartpen can go with the 4GB Echo or the 8GB Echo. Remember that you can upload notes from smartpen to your computer, freeing up space; the entry level smartpen has the same functionality as the more robust models and may be just what you need.

Additional supplies for Livescribe can be bought separately.  This includes the dot paper, ink cartridges, carrying cases, and accessories such as the AC wall adapter are available from their website.  Once you go through the dot paper and ink, you will have to buy refills from the Livescribe.

In conclusion, Livescribe is a breakthrough company with an amazing social networking resource.  They are making great new features as we watch such as the ability to send and share using Livescribe Connect.

The product is perfect for anyone that takes a lot of notes to be searched and replayed whether it’s a student, teacher, or a business professional.

To read about the new 2GB Echo for students, click here: 2GB Echo APX-00008



FTC Consumer Notice: I am proud to be an Affiliate for Amazon. This means my blogs and pages may contain one or more Amazon affiliate links.  If you buy a product through a link on this page, I may earn an affiliate commission (without you paying one cent more for the  product.

2 GB Echo Smartpen APA00009 ESL Student’s Best Friend

The Livescribe 2 GB Efigs Echo Smartpen ESL Student’s Best Friend

Students taking English as a Second Language (“ESL”) courses are learning that the Livescribe 2 GB Echo APX00008 is one of the most helpful tools available on the market. The Livescribe 2 GB Smartpen may be the ESL Student’s best friend. This article reviews the many benefits offered by a 2GB Echo martpen as a helpful study tool for learning a second language.

Note the different Product names, and product codes for the same Livescribe 2 GB smartpen product. Amazon currently has a product with multiple product names and codes. According to Livescribe Technical Support, the equivalent to the Livescribe 2GB Echo Efigs smartpen on Livescribe, is the 2GB Echo Smartpen APX00008 at Amazon. Use the link at the end of the blog post to link to the most current Amazon listing!

Learning a second language is never an easy task, but this Echo 2GB Smartpen can make the job a little easier.

Some people, however, might be skeptical about how the Livescribe 2 GB Echo  could possibly help a student learn English as a second language. These people are skeptical because they don’t understand what the 2GB Echo Smartpen is able to do, how it works, and how it’s able to provide some much-needed assistance to students who are trying to become proficient in a new language. A little additional information about the 2 GB Echo smartpen can help these skeptics understand why this device is such an effective learning tool for ESL students.

Although many people are aware of the tremendous number of Spanish-speaking immigrants entering the country, most do not realize that almost one-third of these Spanish-speaking immigrants are children.  Learning always presents challenges for young children enrolled in school, but these challenges are magnified for a child facing a language barrier.  The student must work harder simply in order to overcome the language barrier.

Having access to the right tools can make a significant difference in a student’s learning potential and achievement. Students will find many of the functions provided by the  Echo 2GB smartpen to be tremendously beneficial.

At its most basic level, the Livescribe smart pen acts as an electronic pen which can be used to record classroom and home tutoring lessons.  A student using the device can then play back this material whenever a review is needed.  Recordings made with the Livescribe Smartpen can also be stored, a capability which allows a student to review lessons as often as desired, even during summer break or other periods when school is not in session.

This makes the Livescribe Echo the perfect tool for parents who want their child to review their vocabulary lessons and exercises while school is out for the summer. An ESL student using a Livescribe 2GB Echo will never need to be out of the loop with regard to learning.

A parent or teacher can use the Livescribe Special Dot paper to list common English words for the student to recognize and pronounce.  To see how easy creating an interactive list can be with a digital smartpen, check out this Utube video:


The pen gives students the ability to always be on top of his or her studies and can help to prevent students from falling behind.  A student who is able to stay abreast of his or her studies will be able to learn more effectively and make more progress.  Mastery of the student’s lessons will ensure better grades and higher test scores. The 2GB Echo Smartpen is an excellent investment for any ESL student.

Other Ways the Livescribe Echo Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen Can Help ESL Students

This Echo smartpen  is an extremely user-friendly device which converts a traditional writing implement into an effective study aid which is different from any other product on the market.  Recordings made with the Livescribe Echo  Smartpen can be synchronized with the student’s notes or drawings and then saved in digital form.  By using a keyword, the student will then be able to retrieve, play back and listen to these recordings, a feature which can significantly impact the student’s ability to learn.

Convert handwriting to Digital Text

If the handwriting of your student is sometimes illegible, with the My Script for Livescribe Handwritning Conversion Software (about $30), the student’s  handwritten and audio notes recorded with the 2 GB Echo Smartpen  can be converted to digital text, making the notes easier to share and search.  To illustrate the conversion feature I have included a link to avideo which illustrates digital conversion and basic Livescribe pen functionality.

The award-winning Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen APA00003 is featured in this video by my friend web designer and copywriter Scott Foster.  Scott owns a Pulse Smartpen as I do.  This video shows how much Scott believes in the Livescribe smartpens and how highly he rates their value.  He presents a clear demonstration of the Livescribe smartpens’ easy-to-use transcription functionality, allowing you to record everything you write and draw, edit the recordings, and convert the handwriting to digital text.  The Killer App, though, most people believe, is the voice recording feature, rather than the handwriting recording and transcription.

In addition to the features described in the video, all the Pulse and Echo pens are voice recorders that can capture every word of a speech, lecture, conversation or tutoring session. Your student can record every word of a tutoring session, a lecture by a teacher or even a phone conversion.

The audio recordings are very clearly indexed to synchronize with your written notes, a groundbreaking feature allowing easy access to playback from any point in the recording and the ability to update the recording and maintain synchronization.  All Pulse and Echo smartpens share these amazing feature sets.

To compare the differences in storage and audio outputs, I have included with the video, a handy side-by-side Smartpen Comparison Matrix, below.

For a detailed columnar representation of the features and functionality of the Livescribe 2GB Pulse Model APA00003 versus the  2GB Echo Model APA00009, check out the link below, “Should I Buy a Livescribe Pulse or Echo”  HERE

Once again, this is not simply a pen which can also record audio.  Instead, it is a comprehensive study aid which can tremendously enhance an ESL student’s learning potential. Students will have access to a large amount of personal online storage space with the Livescribe Desktop, which allows more than 500 MB of notes to be organized and retrieved on demand.

The student can organize notes on this online space for retrieval of all Vocabulary lessons for the semester, the lectures of a particular teacher, or the Step By Step Instructions for Math Equations. Recordings of  the teacher narrating stories will help the student with reading comprehension.  The range of exercises is limitless.

The Livescribe Desktop also furnishes several additional functions.  For example, in addition to being able to save lectures and exercises for future review, a student will be able to easily transfer notes on the pen to the Desktop in order to change the recording, add a drawing or formula, and so on.  It’s also possible to translate and obtain the proper pronunciation for an English word simply by tapping on it.

Many apps have come out for Livescribe, and the American Heritage Spanish Dictionary app is one of the most helpful apps that have been developed to date.  It only costs $14.99 and is a must-buy app, as it comes with 40,000 words and can help when a quick translation of English words to Spanish is required.

ESL students need to work hard to become proficient in English … but is that actually true?  Actually, students can learn English much quicker and more easily if they use the right study aids.  Of all the tools that claim to fulfill this function, a Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen  is one of the best!

For more details on this pen for students Click Here: 2 GB Echo APX-00008

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              FTC Consumer Notice: I am proud to be an Affiliate for Amazon. This means my blogs and pages may contain one or more Amazon affiliate links.  If you buy a product through a link on this page, I may earn an affiliate commission (without you paying one cent more for the  product.


Livescibe Echo 8GB Smartpen APA00007 Review Your Own Electronic Toolkit

Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen APA00007 Your Own Electronic Toolkit

This blog reviews the many choices an owner of a Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen can make to assemble your own electronic toolkit.

For Good Deals on Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen Click here: Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen APA00007

The Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen APA00007 is taking the world by storm; it is a top choice on Amazon in the Electronics category.

The smartpen at the top of the Livescribe Echo product line is one of the most highly sought after methods of recording voice as well as written notes for those who must keep track of their daily life and business dealings. You can carry the Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen APA00007 right in your pocket or purse to have it at the ready at a moment’s notice.

So, what comes with your purchase of your Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen APX0007? Here are the features of this remarkable smartpen.

  • You will be able to take notes and make voice recordings of conversation, lecture or presentation you like. Most people use the Livescribe 8GB Echo Smartpen when they go to meetings or college classes. Many parents find that it is a quick, easy way to keep up with their kid’s schedules, and record parent teacher conferences and instructions over the phone or in person given by doctors..
  • By tapping the pen on a keyword or keyword phrase on the special dot paper, you will be able to search for notes with that word in it so that you can study the notes or edit them.
  • It is simple to transfer notes using the Micro-USB port that comes with the Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen. Transferred notes go directly to your personal Livescribe Desktop where you will have 500MB of storage online.
  • Your online Desktop will even come with Livescribe Connect Premium when you purchase the Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen APA 00007. This feature lets you use email from the Desktop or paper and export some of your files to Facebook, your computer, or even your mobile phone.

There are so many more features that come with this incredible digital recording pen, but you have to be proactive about searching for information on them never know about them to pick the ones best for you when you are researching one of the most futuristic products to hit the market in years.

Review of Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen APA00007 Make Your Own Electronic Toolkit

The question now is what is holding you back from trying this new technology? If you are ready to get a look at what the Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen is all about, you might want to pick one up for yourself. Here are some optional accessories and apps that will make your Smartpen even more productive.

  • 3-D Recording Premium Headset for binaural recording will let you hear voices clearly from all directions and isolate specific sounds from your recording for better listening when recording in busy meetings.
  • American Heritage 70,000 word English Dictionary gives you the capability to tap on a written word or simply write the word onto paper and then you will be able to listen to the word’s  pronounciation as well as the definition.
  • Evernote Premium is a good option for professionals because it allows them to make notes accessible and quite searchable from your mobile phone and computer and save them to web pages.
  • To translate words in English or Spanish, there is nothing like the English/Spanish-Spanish to English 40,000 word Dictionary. Tap on a written word or write that word onto paper in English and the app will give you the translation you need in Spanish and will even provide the definition for you in an instant. Oh yes, it will even pronounce it for you.
  • ·One of the most useful apps of all is the MyScript for Livescribe software that actually converts your handwritten notes on Livescribe Desktop into digital form. This allows you to use the digital text in creating and managing notes on the Livescribe Desktop, or transfer them throughout the web, including downloading them to your cell phone.
  • ·Oh, and let’s not forget about the Paper Tablet for Livescribe Echo Smartpens-Software that lets you record your voice on a specific page that you have written notes for; the pen will remember the specific page and call up the audio for the page. The Livescribe 8GB Echo Smartpen acts just like a mouse in updating thae page. Think of the benefits that will provide.
  • One last thing to note with this incredible pen you will even be able to capture tone of voice and emotions that come through when someone speaks to help better understand the meaning of any verbal exchange.

You can understand now if you buy the Echo 8GB Smartpen APX 00006 whatever your specific purposes are you can customize your digital recording pen to add a lot to your life.

Make the Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen APA00007 your very own by choosing the best apps for you.

Taking notes, recording meetings and then converting the handwritten notes to digital text has never been easier. Saving those files to the Livescribe Desktop and converting them is a snap with Livescribe Connect Premium. This tiny voice recording device,  Livescribe 8GB Echo Smartpen, is all you will need to make your busy life just a little bit easier, so don’t you think it is time you got one of your own?

For Good Deals on Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen Click here: Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen APA00007


FTC Consumer Notice: I am proud to be an Affiliate for Amazon. This means my blogs and pages may contain one or more Amazon affiliate links.  If you buy a product through a link on this page, I may earn an affiliate commission (without you paying one cent more for the  product.