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The best digital smartpens are versatile digital voice recorder smartpens that can capture audio and handwritten notes, storing them on the pen and/or computer for ease of search, update, replay and sharing by educators, students, professionals, and parents.

A Livescribe Echo digital voice recorder can be available 24/7 to record your insights and ideas and help you communicate with educators, other parents and students and professionals.

Our mission is to sort through the immense sea of information about digital smartpen products eliminating duplication and clutter to review Digital SmartPens, their accessories and apps and smart ways they can be used to advantage.

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  • How to capture up to one full day of audio and handwritten lecture notes without access to your computer;
  • How to integrate audio and handwritten recordings and store to pen or computer for easy organization, search, update and replay;
  • 5 Habits that will improve YOUR ability to create Custom Notebooks for sharing and collaboration;
  • 3 Ways to  stop behaviors that will negatively affect the recording of complete, legible notes so “You Will Never Miss an Important Thought!”
  •  How to select the best APPs and Accessories YOU need to create your own personal Digital Smartpen Toolkit!

    And many, many, more!

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Your Echo Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen can capture everything you hear, write and draw while you listen to the speaker and take notes, helping you work smarter not harder.  Import ideas and notes via the Livescribe Online Community or via mobile phone to leverage the work of others, customize your notes and share the results!

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Which pen is right for you depends on what you plan to do with it, how much you want to spend, and other factors. This site is designed to present unbiased current information you need to make an informed, wise purchasing decision on the best digital smartpen for YOU.

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  • News about digital smartpen technology including updates and innovations
  • Practical information about digital smartpen applications for education, business,  marketing  and personal use
  • At-a-glance feature and pricing comparisons
  • Convenient links to vendors to make your shopping easier
  • Sales alerts to save you money

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