Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack APA00009

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen APA-00009 Unveiled

Livescribe unveiled the new 2 GB Echo Smartpen in late March, specifically designed for students, the Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack APA-00009. This article describes the newest entry in the Livescribe Echo product line and compares the new pen to the award-winning Livescribe Pulse.

Livescribe offers two major product lines: the Pulse introduced in 2008 and the award-winning Echo introduced in 2010.  The new Echo  is replacing the three year old Livescribe Pulse as the pen targeted to students needs and the lowest priced entry in the Echo product line.

The new Livescribe smartpen bundle Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack  APA00009)\ is competitive with the Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen bundle which us now available for as little as $79.99 about a $20 discount .

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Are there advantages to the new Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen (APA-00009)? The functionality and new features of this new Echo are consistent with those offered by all models in the Echo product line.  I have included a video below that features a 2gb Pulse smartpen but illustrates the basic functionality of all Livescribe Pulse and Echo smartpens.

The award-winning Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen is featured in this video by my friend web designer and copywriter Scott Foster.  Scott owns a Pulse Smartpen as I do.  This video shows how much Scott believes in the Livescribe smartpens and how highly he rates their value.  He presents a clear demonstration of the Livescribe smartpens’ easy-to-use transcription functionality, allowing you to record everything you write and draw, edit the recordings, and convert the handwriting to digital text.  The Killer App, though, most people believe, is the voice recording feature, rather than the handwriting recording and transcription.   Here is Scott’s video.*


In addition to the features described in the video, all the Pulse and Echo pens are voice recorders that can capture every word of a speech, lecture, conversation or tutoring session. The audio recordings are very clearly indexed to synchronize with your written notes, a groundbreaking feature allowing easy access to playback from any point in the recording and the ability to update the recording and maintain synchronization.  All Pulse and Echo smartpens share these amazing feature sets; to compare the differences in storage and audio outputs, check out my handy side-by-side comparison of the models below or on the following page.

*Scott Foster’s video copyright at Need an Article,

The new Livescribe 2GB Echo Starter Pack APA00009

  • Ergonomic Design The 2 GB Echo Smartpen has a sleek black smartpen design similar to the Echo pens and one that is considered more comfortable than the Pulse
  • Micro-USB Cable is in the pen rather than a cradle to facilitate transfer of notes and battery charging; the pen can be carried in the pocket 24/7 with no need for a cradle for recharging and note transfer
  • 3.5 Audio Jack for Echo, rather than 2.5 audio jack monaural earbuds of Pulse provides capability to add capability for using a premium binaural headset for larger classrooms, lecture halls, conference rooms (your own headset or the superior quality Livescribe binaural headset offered at Amazon for about $20).
  • Storage for both Livescribe Pulse and the Echo 2GB Smartpens are 200 hours audio recording or 32,000 pages (if you transfer notes to your computer regularly, the possible hours and pages are limitless
  • Functionality for 2GB Echo Smartpen the same as the much more expensive Echo 4GB Smartpen and the Echo 8GB Smartpen
  • Connect Premium must be purchased as an optional accessory for the Livescribe Echo 2GB Smartpen.
  • Livescribe Connect Basic social networking capability facilitates easy sending and sharing of notes and audio to Evernote, Facebook, mobile phone and computer as well as Livescribe Community online.

What are the Cons About Choosing the Livescribe 2GB Echo Starter Pack at $99.95?

  • Pen Cap is easily lost -Only one pen cap included; other Echo models have 2!
  • Quality of sound with built in the monoraul Echo speaker may not be enough for student who may need to pay the $20 for the Premium binaural speaker (Pulse bundle includes the monaural speakers for small to medium sized rooms but may not suffice in large lecture halls or conference rooms)

Connect Premium- enhanced social networking capabilities announced in the last couple weeks.  The Premium Connect ability to easily share and send notes and audio via email is now included for Livescribe Echo 4GB and 8GB pens, a real plus.

The Livescribe 2 GB Pulse (APA-00003) and Livescribe Echo 2 GB Smartpen Starter Pack (APA-00009) come with Connect Basic.  The upgrade to Connect Premium is an extra $14.95 for email capability.

How should we choose a Livescribe smartpen?

The Livescribe Pulse is now three years old; the price for the 2GB Pulse is now $79.95 or $20 less than the Livescribe Echo 2GB Smartpen Starter Pack APA-00009.  The new Livescribe Echo is more powerful and as a member of the Echo family of pens, new features and accessories are being developed for the Echo product line not the Pulse product line.

To help you make that decision on pens, I’ve put together this quick-reference chart to help you see the similarities and differences between the two models. As you can see, both product lines share the same functionality and essentially similar features. The main differences involve price, memory capacity, and audio capability:

Livescribe Pulse and Echo 2GB  Compared at a Glance
Pulse Echo 2GB
User Features
Digital notetaking X X
Voice recording X X
Drawing recording X X
Audio integration X X
Audio control X X
* Pause X X
* Replay X X
* Forward/rewind to keyword X X
* Speed control X X
* Volume control X X
* Search and replay X X
File exporting to PC or Mac computer X X
File sharing via pencast, Livescribe website X X
File sharing via Internet, mobile phone X X
Printing on dot paper X X
Technical Features
Internal memory storage 2 GB 2GB
500 MB online storage X X
Livescribe Desktop software (download) X X
Audio jack 2.5 mm 3.5 mm
Rechargeable Battery 5 hours 5 hours
Security PIN Code PIN Code
Overall Rating
Reliability Excellent Excellent
Customer Support Excellent Excellent
(Amazon discount where applicable in parentheses) *Prices current as of August 5, 2011
2GB: $99.95

The highlighting above spotlights some of the major differences between models:

  • Current Price: The Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen (APA-00003) currently offered for $79.95. (NOTE: If you are shopping for a Pulse, the most current model is the Livescribe Pulse 2 GB Smartpen APA-00003.
  • Livescribe Echo 2GB Price: Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack, APA-00009, $99.95

Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack APA-00009 Click Here for Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen Sale

  • Price: Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen APA-00006 for $131.88.
  • Added Audio Capability: The Echo offers extra audio capability potential with 3.5 Audio Jack. The Pulse comes with a Pulse 3D Recording Headset that supports monaural recording for sounds coming mainly from one direction, like in a classroom or meeting room, and a 2.5 mm audio jack for extending the sound input point farther from the pen. For an additional $29.95 ($19.99 with free shipping eligibility from Amazon), the Echo is capable of adding Echo 3D Recording Ear buds with filtering capability, which support binaural recording of sounds coming from multiple directions, like in a very large conference hall. All Echo models come with a 3.5 mm audio jack. An adapter can be purchased and used with the Pulse APA-00003 2.5 mm audio jack to support use of the Echo 3D Recording Ear buds, extending the sound input point to a farther from the pen.

So when is the 4GB and 8GB Echo Smartpens worth the extra cost? Here are some situations where it might make sense to pay a little more for the extra value:

  • If you record a large amount of written notes or audio daily and don’t transfer your notes to a computer to clear storage space often.
  • If you are a college student or business professional who wants an easy way to store and send emails to team mates, friends, family and colleagues using your pen or Livescribe Desktop, buy a Livescribe 4GB or 8GB Smartpen because the new Premium Connect capability is included
  • If you need extra storage because you travel frequently and do not have access to a computer or forget to transfer your notes to a computer.
  • If you will be recording in environments where you need to record sounds coming from multiple directions, such as large conference rooms and lecture halls and need the binaural headset (the Pulse comes with a 2.5 audio jack; the Echo with a 3.5 audio jack)
  • If you are interested in the business-oriented applications only available for Echo such as Paper Tablet .

If you fall into one of these categories or similar situations, you may find the more expensive Echo models worth the extra cost.

At $79.99, the APA-00003 Pulse is a bargain and will probably serve a student’s needs.  The price $79.99 includes a headset. To include Connect Premium will cost an extra $14.95 for either the new Echo APA00009 or the Pulse if emailing capability is important from paper or the 500MB Livescribe personal online Desktop.

For a Great Deal on the Pulse, Click here Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen 


This is an excellent model for a high school student who probably does not need email capability for a pen; most students these days have phones.  The student can sit near the front of the class and may not need a headset; the 3.5 audio jack supports a binaural headset.

For college students and business professionals, the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen and Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen offer incredible functionality and benefits for the price without concern for storage limitations.


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