Livescibe Echo 8GB Smartpen APA00007 Review Your Own Electronic Toolkit

Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen APA00007 Your Own Electronic Toolkit

This blog reviews the many choices an owner of a Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen can make to assemble your own electronic toolkit.

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The Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen APA00007 is taking the world by storm; it is a top choice on Amazon in the Electronics category.

The smartpen at the top of the Livescribe Echo product line is one of the most highly sought after methods of recording voice as well as written notes for those who must keep track of their daily life and business dealings. You can carry the Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen APA00007 right in your pocket or purse to have it at the ready at a moment’s notice.

So, what comes with your purchase of your Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen APX0007? Here are the features of this remarkable smartpen.

  • You will be able to take notes and make voice recordings of conversation, lecture or presentation you like. Most people use the Livescribe 8GB Echo Smartpen when they go to meetings or college classes. Many parents find that it is a quick, easy way to keep up with their kid’s schedules, and record parent teacher conferences and instructions over the phone or in person given by doctors..
  • By tapping the pen on a keyword or keyword phrase on the special dot paper, you will be able to search for notes with that word in it so that you can study the notes or edit them.
  • It is simple to transfer notes using the Micro-USB port that comes with the Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen. Transferred notes go directly to your personal Livescribe Desktop where you will have 500MB of storage online.
  • Your online Desktop will even come with Livescribe Connect Premium when you purchase the Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen APA 00007. This feature lets you use email from the Desktop or paper and export some of your files to Facebook, your computer, or even your mobile phone.

There are so many more features that come with this incredible digital recording pen, but you have to be proactive about searching for information on them never know about them to pick the ones best for you when you are researching one of the most futuristic products to hit the market in years.

Review of Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen APA00007 Make Your Own Electronic Toolkit

The question now is what is holding you back from trying this new technology? If you are ready to get a look at what the Livescribe Echo 8 GB Smartpen is all about, you might want to pick one up for yourself. Here are some optional accessories and apps that will make your Smartpen even more productive.

  • 3-D Recording Premium Headset for binaural recording will let you hear voices clearly from all directions and isolate specific sounds from your recording for better listening when recording in busy meetings.
  • American Heritage 70,000 word English Dictionary gives you the capability to tap on a written word or simply write the word onto paper and then you will be able to listen to the word’s  pronounciation as well as the definition.
  • Evernote Premium is a good option for professionals because it allows them to make notes accessible and quite searchable from your mobile phone and computer and save them to web pages.
  • To translate words in English or Spanish, there is nothing like the English/Spanish-Spanish to English 40,000 word Dictionary. Tap on a written word or write that word onto paper in English and the app will give you the translation you need in Spanish and will even provide the definition for you in an instant. Oh yes, it will even pronounce it for you.
  • ·One of the most useful apps of all is the MyScript for Livescribe software that actually converts your handwritten notes on Livescribe Desktop into digital form. This allows you to use the digital text in creating and managing notes on the Livescribe Desktop, or transfer them throughout the web, including downloading them to your cell phone.
  • ·Oh, and let’s not forget about the Paper Tablet for Livescribe Echo Smartpens-Software that lets you record your voice on a specific page that you have written notes for; the pen will remember the specific page and call up the audio for the page. The Livescribe 8GB Echo Smartpen acts just like a mouse in updating thae page. Think of the benefits that will provide.
  • One last thing to note with this incredible pen you will even be able to capture tone of voice and emotions that come through when someone speaks to help better understand the meaning of any verbal exchange.

You can understand now if you buy the Echo 8GB Smartpen APX 00006 whatever your specific purposes are you can customize your digital recording pen to add a lot to your life.

Make the Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen APA00007 your very own by choosing the best apps for you.

Taking notes, recording meetings and then converting the handwritten notes to digital text has never been easier. Saving those files to the Livescribe Desktop and converting them is a snap with Livescribe Connect Premium. This tiny voice recording device,  Livescribe 8GB Echo Smartpen, is all you will need to make your busy life just a little bit easier, so don’t you think it is time you got one of your own?

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