Livescribe 8 GB Smartpen Pro Pack APX00007-Great Price

The Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpen Pro Pack APX00007 Great Price

The Livescribe 8 Gb Echo Smartpen Pro Pack APX-00007 comes with a bundle of smartpen accessories. This article reviews each component of the Livescribe Pro Pack which comes with the Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen Pro Pack.

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A Livescribe 8GB Echo Pro Pack APX-00007? What is this?

You can buy the Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen separately or you can buy an Echo 8GB Smartpen with a Livescribe Pro Pack. Each item in the bundle is also available as an optional accessory.
You get the following items in a bundled pack:
  • Smartpen Portfolio – A small lightweight business portfolio for carrying your smartpen and one or two lined notebooks or journals
  • 3-D Recording Premium Headset for binaural recording—A 3D Premium recording headset with 2 ear buds, each with embedded microphone to enable 360 degree binaural recording.
  • MyScript for Livescribe transcription software – The handwriting to digital text conversion software (aka. the OCR software, for techies.

Smartpen Notebook Portfolio or JournalA small lightweight business journal that makes it easy to carry your smartpen and, pen, business and credit cards in your suit jacket or briefcase.

3D Premium Binaural Recording Headset with Superior Audio Quality–The Pro Pack includes a 3D binaural recording headset  designed for recording in large rooms where voices may come from multiple directions.  Using the smartpen 3.5mm audio jack, this stereo headset is designed for isolating sounds to be recorded in large lecture halls, convention halls, and conference rooms.  Background noises disappear. This is particularly useful for business professionals who travel a lot as a part of their job and attend meetings with large attendance where there may be multiple speakers at one time or questions from the back or sides of the room.  Also available as an accessory.

My Script for Livescribe Handwriting Conversion software--This software  converts your audio and handwritten notes  to digital text, allowing better searching and sharing via email, blogs, or any other electronic media. Available as optional software for all Livescribe pens.

Who will benefit from the Livescribe 8 GB Smartpen Pro Pack APX-00007 the most ?

College Students
College Students will find the  Livescribe 8GB Echo Pro Pack bundle a reliable companion with their Livescribe Echo in their academic journey. College students who take classes in large lecture halls  in particular will find the earbuds especially helpful for listening in large halls and groups especially helpful as well as, accurate  recording and playback.
Business professionals
For business professionals, the pen and earbuds are assets in any part of their business that involves attending meetings in large convention halls, conference rooms and lecture rooms, while talking, listening, or even thinking aloud.
In conferences and conventions, these extras ensure you can capture a complete audio recording  for later replay at your own pace, ensuring you don’t miss anything in what is, by nature, a distracting environment.

The ability of the pen to convert handwritten notes to text could save a substantial amount of time every day. Many note takers tend to re-write what they originally wrote on paper on the computer either to log it, clarify or summarize or to email it. The digital text is better for searching, organizing and transfering to Microsoft Office applications.

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The Livescribe Pro Pack is sold bundled with the Livescribe Echo 8 GB smartpen APA00007,  as the Livescribe Echo 8 GB Echo Smartpen Pro Pack (APX-00007) for $199.99 now.  This price offers you the three components for  about $40 more than the cost of the 8GB Smartpen alone.  And the 8GB Pro Pack Bundle includes a 12 month subscription to Evernote Premium for pen purchase prior to January 1, 2012.
This is the time to grab the bundle.The Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen Pro Pack also makes a Great Gift when you want to start a student of business person off right. Bundle Components include:
1. MyScript for Livescribe handwriting conversion software, $30. This conversion software will saves business professionals and college students many hours of rewriting their notes; conversion to the digital text aids searching and transfer to Microsoft Office products.
2. the 3D recording headset – which is a stereo headset designed for isolating sounds to be recorded in large meetings and conferences- $20.  Great for recording in large rooms if you do not already have a premium binaural headset!
3. And the Livescribe Smartpen notebook portfolio which is a standard black journal with a pen holder, pocket for business cards and a journal size notebook, $25.
I believe that the 8GB smartpen has great value itself and is sold for almost $157.

The final Verdict

While the Livescribe 8GB Echo smartpen itself is a great deal and an intelligent and valuable companion; the Livescribe Echo 8GB Pro Pack APX00007 is now a GoodValue.
The Livescribe Pro Pack may also be a top gift, especially for a business professional or college student.  them.
If you are a college student, a business professional, or buying a gift for either, you should go for it.  Buying the Livescribe 8 Gb Echo Smartpen Pro Pack (APX-00007) will probably be the best buy you have made in a long time.

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