Digital Smartpen Great Language Learning Tool?

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Digital Smartpen Great Language Learning Tool?

A digital smartpen combined with a set of dot paper adhesive-backed labels for foreign language learners can create a great language learning tool for students. One key is to make the reading exercises fun and excite students’ sense of wonder and imagination.

Livescribe is working with Miami University on the Myaamia Project where teachers use “a digital penlet” (like a stylus or simple digital pen) and a set of dot paper adhesive labels to help native Americans speaking the Myaamia language learn the names of many objects found around the home.


Livescribe Sound Stickers

On the Myaamia Project, the labels are also used to create flashcards and Talking Storybooks. One Talking Storybook shown on the Livescribe Site is Myaamis Big Brown Bear! You just know that Livescribe believes in the future of Talking Storybooks–the categories in the Livescribe Store include APPS, Accessories….Books and Myaamis Big Brown Bear is one of the Book offerings.

Parents, students and teachers can follow the lead of the Myaamis Project and add Livescribe Voice Recording Sound Stickers in similar ways to help language learners learn to read.  They can add labels to sound stickers and audio recording words and affix the adhesive-backed sound stickers to objects in the class or at home.  For language learners the audio might be in English.

To each page of a beloved book like Eric Carle’s Big Brown Bear, a parent can create a Storybook sound sticker  describing the book.  Or parents might create a sound sticker for each page with the audio including questions and bear sounds to help reading comprehension.

Creating Talking Storybooks

A couple sets of stickers can also be affixed to each page of a more complex Talking Storybook.  One set of stickers with a colored label might identify the audio message recorded at a slower speed on a smart pen and  a message designed to encourage a student to read along with the Talking Storybook.   A vivacious parent or teacher can create a recording for each page to captivate a language learner with the story being read to the child.

There are all sorts of creative activities you can do with a digital smartpen and these marvellous Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Stickers.  You do not need a fancy Smart pen to create any of them.  How about the bottom of the Livescribe Echo Smartpen line, the Livescribe Echo 2 GB Smartpen APX00008.

With a 2 GB Echo Smartpen APX00008, parents, teachers and librarians can create Storybooks that can read to children and exercises like translation flashcards to help children read. What a great smartpen application.

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