Digital Smartpen Teaching Strategies Using Sound Stickers

Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool with Livescribe Sound Stickers

Have you ever stopped to think about the amazing creativity which can be employed with a Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool for elementary school children? How about this unique scenario: you could hang a map of the United States on the wall of a classroom and instead of just looking at the map, the students could listen to the map. Actually, they could listen to all 50 individual states telling them what their capital is, when the state was founded, its nickname, and even a little trivia about it. Does this sound just a tad bit fantastic? It really is not because through the use of a Digital Smartpen as a teaching tool and a Livescribe Sound Stickers App, you could make such a map come to life.

The map is only one single example. There are scores of other amazingly creative learning tools you can make with your Smartpen once you have this app in place.

How the Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool Works

The way his Smartpen works is relatively simple. It records sound digitally in a manner no different than speaking into a microphone directly into an MP3 player/recorder. The obvious difference is a pen is a….pen. It is a real pen for sure but it also has the ability to record sound. Many elementary school students that need a little extra help with their lessons and record  classroom sessions for later playback can make use of this feature quite nicely.

But, why just playback classroom sessions with your voice recorder when you can add in a Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers App for much more interesting and fun learning?

What the Voice Recorder Sound Stickers Apps Have to Offer

The Livescribe Apps are downloaded directly to the Smartpen. With this Sound Sticker App, you record audio onto one of the thousand Sound Stickers 3/4″ in diameter.  To learn more about the use of the Livescribe Sound Sticker app, check out this UTube video:

These stickers can be affixed anywhere you wish to place them and they will play back audio in a crystal clear manner. The Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Stickers are adhesive-backed and re-positionable.  The app has volume controls for recording and the recording can be deleted from the sticker.

Once again, you must keep in mind the fact that the audio is recorded digitally. While you will not be able to store 1,000 songs on a Dot Paper Sticker, you will have the ability to record audio of a reasonable length. And yes, the sound quality of the audio will be quite clear.

Of course, making the audio is one thing. Putting it to effective use is another? What can you do with these sticker recording?

How To Make the Most Out of the Livescribe Voice Recorder Sound Sticker Apps

One thing to keep in mind here is that elementary age school children will learn better when the environment is a fun one. This does not mean the approach to learning should be undisciplined as that would be a disaster. Rather, it just needs to be unique, original, and able to capture the child’s sense of wonder.

The use of these audio stickers opens the door for many different ways in which you can capture the child’s sense of wonder.

For example, you can create interactive flash cards that speak to the child which would certainly help boost the learning capabilities such cards are intended to deliver. You could also add the stickers to the pictures of famous men and women from history. These legendary historical figures could then “talk” to the young ones making a history lesson quite personal and memorable. You can also record a sticker with guidelines for math problems.

You can even come up with bolder and more expansive learning tools such as a full storybook. The traditional example of a storybook would be a publication that mixes words and pictures. That is a perfectly fine learning tool but you can improve upon it somewhat.

The way the storybook can be improved would be through turning the traditional storybook into a talking storybook. The storybook itself could read its own contents to the child. This way, the young one can follow along with the audio and read the words at the same time. This can certainly boost the child’s reading and comprehension skills relatively quickly and easily.

The more engaged in learning the elementary school child is, the easier it becomes to learn the material. The easier it is to learn, the quicker the child learns. Yes, it really is that simple.

A Basic Teaching Tool That Delivers Amazing Results

Dull and boring are not exactly the attributes you would want any learning program to embody when you are trying to instruct elementary school children. With a Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool and a Livescribe Sound Stickers App, you never have to worry about lessons being dull.

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