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Digital Smartpen Great Language Learning Tool?

Digital Smartpen Great Language Learning Tool? A digital smartpen combined with a set of dot paper adhesive-backed labels for foreign language learners can create a great language learning tool for students. One key is to make the reading exercises fun and excite students’ sense of wonder and imagination. Livescribe is working with Miami University on [...]


Digital Smartpen Teaching Strategies Using Sound Stickers

Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool with Livescribe Sound Stickers Have you ever stopped to think about the amazing creativity which can be employed with a Digital Smartpen Teaching Tool for elementary school children? How about this unique scenario: you could hang a map of the United States on the wall of a classroom and instead of [...]


2GB Echo Smartpen APA 00009 Introduced with Livescribe Connect

Livescribe digital smartpens now have a Social Networking Resource giving users breaking edge for intuitive sharing of data with introduction of Livescribe Connect.