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                              Digital Smartpen eNews

                                              Issue 1: January 15, 2012

                                 What is a Smart Pen?

A Brief History of the Digital SmartPen 

Welcome to the first issue of Digital SmartPens eNews! Before we get into tips and guidelines on using a smart pen, you might find it interesting to learn a little bit about smartpens, how they work and why they are so popular.   In the last decade, a new era of modern digital pens began.

Birth of A New Era in Digital Pens.  These Digital Smartpens introduced  during the first decade in the twenty first century, however, are markedly different than the digital pens produced today. Some of the changes that owners of Livescribe Digital Smartpens take for granted are reviewed below.

Smartpens Debuted Last Decade Using Anoto Digital Pen Technology

An underlying digital pen technology that has made digital smartpens stand out this last decade has beens the Anoto Digital Pen Technology.  In many ways, digital pens using this Anoto Digital Pen Technology have altered the way we approach note taking as we can capture notes and drawings, synchronize them, and upload them to a computer for organization and management, searching and sharing.

An optional application called MyScript for Livescribe can be used on the personal online Livescribe Desktop to convert handwritten data into digital text and store notes or notebooks in that format on the Desktop. From there the notes can be edited and transferred to other programs such as word processing programs, text files, email, or picture formats such as PDF files.

How Anoto Digital Pen Technology Works

Most products employing the Anoto Digital Pen Technology require special interactive dot paper using a Dot Positioning System (DPS). These smartpens digitally record whatever is written or drawn for replay by touching the pen to the dot paper at the desired point.  The captured  digital information can be searched, replayed and updated as desired.  You can upload the digital recording to your computer for archiving, updating, searching, retrieval, and sharing.  You can also create other formats of the recording such as a CD or PDF for export just like a computer file.

In 2008, the Award-Winning Pulse Digital Smartpen was introduced by Livescribe.  Using Anoto Digital Pen Technology for the smartpen it unveiled, Livescribe added a killer app, digital voice recording capability for a a digital voice recorder smartpen. The pen owner can use the pen to capture a complete audio recording of absolutely every word of a lecture, conversation or meeting and integrate and synchronize the audio recording with handwritten and drawn notes taken at the same time.  The integrated notes can be updated and extended, searched and replayed.

In 2010, Livescribe unveiled the Echo Digital Voice Recorder Product Line with more power, more storage and more powerful Binaural stereo ear buds which can be used in conference halls and large meeting rooms or venues where sound comes from many directions.

As you can see from this, the smartpen is much more than a digital voice recording device. It acts as nothing less than a portable, pocket-sized extension of your computer, the internet, and your mobile phone. You can carry the pen in your pocket or purse to record every word of a presentation, conversation or conference.

Never miss a thought! Collect information for later storage, search and retrieval, editing and sharing. Replay retrieved information using superior audio controls which allow you to slow the recording for comprehension or speed it up. Pause the replay while you take notes and continue replay. Skip to the next keyword or back to a previous keyword or two to manage replay in most efficient chunks. Because the pen possesses such powerful capabilities, its range of applications is virtually as enormous as that of computers and mobile phones

Modern digital smartpen varieties continue to be introduced, with new technology as well as improvements and enhancements to the smartpens themselves.  For Livescribe smartpen owners there have been frequent introductions of new accessories and new software as well.

Today at the forefront of digital pen products are the Livescribe smartpens which make up the vast bulk of the smartpens sold annually throughout the world. Research and testing is an ongoing process to ensure smartpens reach their potential.

Development of novel and state of the art accessories and applications is also ongoing.  Like Apple, Livescribe has created an open architecture, sharing specs with third party vendors who are creating and rolling out novel applications that will extend the uses of Livescribe smartpens.

Dying to learn how to use the digital smartpen to advantage, set up keywords for enhanced searching and share Livescribe Desktop content in ways  that will be the envy of other smart pen users?  In upcoming issues We’ll share insights by pen users, smartpen marketing personnel and Digital SmartPens eNews readers.

Following the steps described in newsletter articles will allow you to avoid wasting time and money on smartpens while are failing to reach their potential.

What Apps Extend the Livescribe Smartpen Functionality?

A Brief Look at Livescribe Apps

Livescribe digital smartpens have many many applications that have been developed that extend the functionality of the smartpens for use ind educational, college and professional environments. Apps for the Livescribe Digital Smartpen include:

  1. Reference Apps, such as the Wikipedia app, the American Heritage English Dictionary, and the the American Heritage Spanish/English Dictionary.
  2. Productivity Apps, including Evernote Premium, Paper Tablet, Connect Premium, Text Browser, Text to Table
This week we will take a brief look at Evernote Premium, a Productivity App.

A Digital Smartpen with Evernote Premium Can Enhance Productivity

Aside from the main functionality, a digital smartpen comes with many applications that enhance how it works.  This ranges from being able to organize your content, being able to create graphs/charts, and more.  The ability to collaborate and share your content enhances  its capability as an amazing productivity tool.

What is Evernote Premium?

Evernote Premium is a multi-platform note recording application that facilitates pen users keeping track of any audio or written note created updated and stored offline.  Evernote can be used on your computer, smart phone and IPOD ot IPHONE so you can store your notes for later use.

You can record notes up to 50 MB each in size and 100,000 in number, and put them in a database. You can search notes by tags so you can quickly find what you are looking for when you need it. You can store up to 100 searches so your searching is even faster.

Since August 2011, Livescribe has offered a full year subscription to Evernote Premium with a purchase of any of their digital smartpens. With Evernote Premium, you can create pencasts with PDF files, share on your mobile phone and store on EVERNOTE.  With Evernote Premium, the text within your PDF is searchable.

What Can Evernote Premium be Used For?

Students can use Evernote to record their class notes, manage their time, and more.  Educators can store notes recorded with Evernote to keep track of their professional life.  It’s an indispensable productivity tool that helps you remember everything.  The year’s subscription of premium membership is valued at $45, making it a great value right now to purchase the Livescribe smartpen.

Livescribe’s smartpens are smart purchases whether you’re a student or a professional.  A digital smartpen changes the way we record, access and share information; the Livescribe smartpens have all the tools and accessories to make everything you do more efficient.  The Evernote offer expires January 31st,2012 so if you’re interested in Livescribe’s smartpens, you should take advantage of the great prices now and the free subscription to Evernote Premium and purchase as soon as possible.


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