Livescribe Products

Livescribe Products


Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder Products


Livescribe Accessory Products

  • USB Wall Adapter:  Charge your Echo and Pulse smartpen battery anywhere you find a power outlet quickly and easily while you work offline.  Whether you are a Pulse or Echo smartpen owner, plug the adapter into a 110 Volt or 240 Volt outlet, insert the USB cradle into the adapter and start charging! ($14.95 at Amazon)
  • Livescribe Echo 3D Recording Earbuds: Binaural headset cause the audio volume to approximately double when you hang the ear buds on either side.  The earbuds help pick up the sound of the speaker in very large rooms and isolate sounds from distracing noices such as the scratching of a pen.  ($19.99 from Amazon)

For details on the Livescribe Earbuds at Amazon, click here: Livescribe Echo 3D Recording Premium Earbuds

Livescribe Software Products

  • Livescribe Voice Recording Sticky Notes App:
  • Livescribe Voice Recording Sound Stickers App

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