Reference Tools for Livescribe Digital Smartpens

  • American Heritage  70,000-word English Dictionary: This app enables you to find the meaning of the word by either tapping on it, or writing it down. It comes with audio support, so that you hear the pronunciation of the word as you look it up. Great for college students, students in Advanced Placement classes and for ESL students ($9.99 at
  • American Heritage Spanish-Spanish Dictionary, Second Edition: American English, Latin American Spanish bilingual word translator offers audio translation of more than 40,000 words. Tap on a word with your pen, hear the translation, definition and pronounciation. Write the word in English and hear the pronunciation of the Spanish word and definition. If the word is a verb, hear the conjugation. A real blessing for college and high school students studying Spanish as a foreign language or for English Language learners and travelers ($14.99 at
  • iDK Word Thesaurus This reference app is for the Pulse smartpen.  Simply write a word in a Livescribe notebook or paper product to display a list of synonyms.  Navigate through the synonyms using the up/down arrows.  You can also tap a previously accessed word to see all that word’s synonyms. ($1.99 at
  • Travel Applications: Many free travel apps can be downloaded from the  Livescribe website. These apps allow you to write an English sentence and translate it into the selected language. This is particularly useful when talking to cab drivers or shop keepers in foreign countries. (Free at
  • Wikipedia in EN Search offline 100,000 abstracts of the English Wikipedia using an English Word that has been hand-written. Write an English word on dot paper and search abstracts.  Choose article from results list displayed and select abstract to read. ($1.99 at

With these Reference Tools, if willing to transfer notes to the computer regularly, a student can buy a Livescribe 2GB Smartpen (Echo or Pulse), download helpful reference tools and find them a real help as learning resources.

These tools help you define and understand the information. Remember with a Livescribe digital recorder smartpen, record a class and Never Miss a Thought

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