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Ways a Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder Can be Used to Advantage by Educators, Students and Parents!

There are so many ways a Livescribe Digital Voice Recording Smartpen can be used to help students learn while having fun. Digital Smartpens can assist teachers and parents engage students in interactive activities such as exercises, games and talking storybooks using props such as word walls, or sound stickers to build confidence and skills, while having fun.

Teachers and parents can check out the videos on the Livescribe Website for how-to guidelines for using Livescribe smartpen features. You Tube often present multiple choices for videos capturing ideas and examples.  This site, Digital Smartpen Reviews has presented how-to articles and ideas about users in special need categories that may benefit from smartpen use.

Livescribe Archives Related to Education a Key Source for Smartpen Uses

Teachers, Educators, School Administrators, and Parents should check out the Livescribe Archives related to Education for a wealth of valuable information. The “Livescribe Archive: Applications in Education, Transforming the World Using the Livescribe Smartpen, can be found at:

Dating from the time the Livescribe Digital Voice Recording Smartpens were first introduced in 2005, Livescribe has published articles and archived the Articles in the Livescribe Archives. There are dozens of recordings, many with a video showing examples and how-to lessons on using the Livescribe Smartpens to advantage:

In the last year, Digital Smartpen Reviews has published dozens of posts on special population groups that might use a Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder to advantage related to health problems, learning disabilities and personal needs as well as groups that might use amartpens to facilitate reaching their potential.

One particular article dated March 2010, “12 Ways Educators and Students are Using the Smartpen” presents valuable perspectives for pen users.  This article was written for use with the Pulse Smartpen. Since March 2010, Livescribe has introduced many new apps and accessories.  This article can be viewed at

Digital Smartpen Uses: Ways Educators, Parents and Students are Using the Livescribe Smartpen or could use a Livescribe Smartpen to Advantage!

Ways presented in Posts on Digital Smartpen

  • Accelerating learning of Gifted Talented (GT), Foreign Language Learners, ESL students
  • Helping Learning Disabled, those with physical disabilities learn

12 Ways presented in the article by the Livescribe Education Department:

  1. An example of articulation practice which could be used for enunciation, word stress in a sentence, grammar etc.;
  2. Ecample of A Drawing with labels with recorded messages;
  3. Interactive Science Flashcards;
  4. Example of a Classroom Observation with highlights or whole recording captured
  5. Example of a Collaborative Oral Project with multiple students participating
  6. Example of a LearningCenterActivity, Enabled Phoneme Blending
  7. Lesson on Music Composers showing sticker with audio recording and supporting details
  8. Audio of Oral Book Review
  9. Example of a Student Fluency Test with student reading;
  10. Notes for Substitute Teacer with supporting detail
  11. Interactive Talking Test with verbal response
  12. Example of Talking Word Wall

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