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Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder Sparks English Conversation Group

The Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder Smartpen like the Echo 4GB is perfect for English Conversation Classes for teachers and parents participating in a group English Language or a study group.


Digital Smartpen Great Language Learning Tool?

Digital Smartpen Great Language Learning Tool? A digital smartpen combined with a set of dot paper adhesive-backed labels for foreign language learners can create a great language learning tool for students. One key is to make the reading exercises fun and excite students’ sense of wonder and imagination. Livescribe is working with Miami University on [...]


2 GB Echo Smartpen APA00009 ESL Student’s Best Friend

A ESL Student’s Best Friend Can Be a Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen APA00009 Students taking English as a Second Language (“ESL”) courses find the pen a great study tool.