Livescribe Smartpens Boost Anoto Digital Pen Technology

Livescribe Voice Recording capability boosts the Anoto Digital Pen Technology.  It is a major enhancement to Digital Pen Technology!
The history of digital pen really started with Anoto Digital Pen Technology.  The history may not go back many years but it has been an exciting technical journey nonetheless.

C-Technologies Starting Point of Anoto Group

It all started way back when Christer Fåhreaus, while still a student, conceived of a computer mouse in the form of a pen.  Soon Christer founded a company called C-Technologies, which was the starting point of the Anoto Group.
C-Technologies, as it happens with new enterprises, recruited many professionals from established research companies  and grew at a fast clip.  It became a company with capabilities which went far beyond the initial idea of the digital pen, at that time called C-Pen.
Anoto Digital Pen Technology

The patent protected and well known Anoto digital pen technology belongs to the Anoto Group which is a Swiss company. Its path breaking high-tech pen technology can be divided into two areas
1. Anoto for transfer of handwritten text from paper into digital media, and
2. C-pen reading of printed text for transformation into electronic text.
The essential part of the Anoto Group technology is its sophisticated real-time image processing which can calculate and recreate 100 images per second.
The difference between a digital pen and an ordinary pen

What is the essential difference between a digital pen and an ordinary pen? The difference lies inside the shell. The basic ingredients of a digital pen are the sophisticated miniature camera which captures images of the handwriting, and an image processing unit which takes the images and converts them into digital format along with a communication interface.
The digital pen also hosts a small ink cartridge which is used for writing on the special paper. This special paper is divided into small rectangular parts like you see in a graph sheet. The images which are taken with the digital camera are captured with the patterned paper in the background. A special algorithm converts these images into digital format which is then stored into the memory.
The Advent of Livescribe Pens

The CEO of Livescribe, Jim Marggraff, used Anoto technology at Leapfrog Enterprises to create the LeapPad and Fly Fusion Pentop System . He left Leapfrog to form his own company, Livescribe, in 2005, taking Fly Fusion with him.
Jim Marggraff’s  vision was to combine audio with the Anoto Digital Pen Technology which would represent a major enhancement to digital pen technology.
At his new company Livescribe, Jim created the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen in 2008 and Livescribe Echo Smartpen  in 2010.
The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen won a national Education award in 2009 and the Livescribe Echo Smartpen in the subsequent year, 2010. The significant achievements established Livescribe as a proven performer in digital pen technology.
Livescibe Voice Recorders Boost Digital Smartpen Capabilities

In a crowded market, Livescribe smartpens stand out because of their ability to capture audio and integrate captured text and drawings, synchronizing the recordings.
With Livescribe Pulse smartpens and Livescribe Echo smartpens, it is possible to record audio from a specific text location which can later be retrieved at leisure.
The ‘pencast’, as the audio recordings are called, can be transferred to a computer or even uploaded online to create a virtual notebook. This virtually releases the students and professionals from the bondage of taking notes.

The notes, drawings and audio are complete. The quality of note taking during lecture sessions during meetings, lectures, and interviews is much superior with the Livescribe Pulse and Livescribe Echo smartpens.
Students, teachers, parents and business professionals benefit when they can concentrate on listening rather than on taking copious and accurate notes.

With modern communication systems and social networking gaining preeminence in work spaces, Livescribe smartpen can enhance productivity by its enabling technologies.

The cost of smartpens is coming down at   rapid rate and they are becoming more affordable. If you consider the benefits of a Livescribe Pulse smartpen or Livescribe Echo smartpen, the initial investment can easily be recovered in a few months time.
For a college student, the cost of an 4GB Echo Smartpen may be less than that of a textbook.   The cost of accessories like paper and ink cartridges is also reasonable.
There can be no doubt that modern technology has transformed our lives.
The day will come soon when college lectures and business conferences are purely virtual with emphasis on networking and collaboration.
Livescribe Voice Recording capabilities Boosts the Anoto Digital Pen Technology extending abilities to capture a complete recording of integrated audio, notes and drawings.
The enhanced Livescribe social networking capability Connect Premium offers the ability to share recordings by email.
Digital pens like the Livescribe Pulse and Echo smartpens are likely to be the game changers in this transformation to a college and business world with purely virtual conferences and lectures..

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