Smart Pen Use

Using a Livescribe Smartpen

Handwritten formulaUsing a Livescribe Smartpen

Learning a language is so much easier when a student can replay parts of lectures or complete notes  from audio recordings. The student can capture handwritten notes and drawings and integrate them with the audio recordings  instead of depending only on written notes. What makes digital voice recorder smartpens especially helpful is that now the teacher’s voice can be there with the student even when the teacher is not physically present.

Students can play and replay difficult parts of a lecture, individually adjusting the tempo of the replay and volume to suit their needs. Audio recordings can be made of the student reading a book or giving an oral report so the student can hear her pronunciation and correct the pronunciation as well as syllable and word stressing in a sentence for clarity. The student’s teacher and parents can also assess fluency, progress over time and plan lessons.

These are just some of many exciting educational applications for Livescribe digital voice recorder smartpens.

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