Digital Audio Recording Smartpen Makes Learning Suzuki Easy

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Enrich Children’s Lives by Teaching Them to Love Music”

“The fate of the child is in the hands of his parents”  Shinichi Suzuki
The Suzuki Method of learning to play musical intruments is focused on children listening to music. Using a Digital Audio Recording Smartpen like the Livescribe Pulse or Livescribe Echo makes learning Suzuki easier for the student and the parents.
The Suzuki Method  is an internationally recognized program for teaching young children music, a popular program used to teach chilren 3 to 5 on up to play flute, guitar, piano, and violin. Suzuki students start learning by listening and learning technique; reading music is not learned till later.
My son studied Suzuki violin with two friends beginning at age 4.  He learned to read music the summer before third grade so he could play in the school orchestra.  The technique of each student escalates the first year and each year after. Using this method builds confidence as teachers believe in the potential of each child.
Students practice daily and have individual lessons each week. Listening to music is emphasized as is performing in public about every six weeks.

How Can a Digital Smartpen Help?

For teachers teaching the Suzuki Method of Learning Music and parents helping their children learn, digital smartpen technology represents a welcome new teaching resource to make learning music easier. Students can buy a simple Suzuki CD of Songs for each level.
Digital smartpens like the Livescribe Pulse and Livescribe Echo make it easier than ever for teachers to deliver information the student is playing.  The teacher can mention intonation problems, dynamics, handling of repeats and retards, etc as the teacher, student and parent listens to the recording. The teacher can highligt student progress and areas for more work.  The teacher can play a new piece; in reviewing the audio the teacher can give the student instruction on the student’s playing.
Does your child ever forget what the teach said about playing the song: Not with a smartpen because the parent can record every word along with the audio.  At home the Livescribe pen audio controls help the student  replay the audio at a slower or faster speed, lower or higher volume to aid in the learning process.
For more advanced students, teacher can record the song, then record the harmony.  At the recital the student may be chosen to play the harmony of a song.  Frequently a teacher’s students learn special songs not in the Suzuki repertoire like “Hail to the Redskins”, songs which can be recorded on the pen for practice.

How smartpens work

Here is how smartpen technology works: In conjunction with special dot paper. the pen digitally records whatever the user writes or draws. At the same time, it records sounds being made while the user is writing or drawing. Recorded audio can be played back by touching the pen to the dot paper at the desired point. The recorded digital information can also be transferred to a computer for storage, searched, retrievedl, edited, reviewed, and transmitted to other formats or other users, just like any computer file.

How smartpens make teaching and learning easier

The smartpen’s multimedia capability eases each phase of the teaching process, from the delivery of information to sharing evaluation of student progress with parents.
1.  Multisensory presentation reaches different learning styles; with a smartpen, there are alternate ways of practicing to help your child learn.
2.  By integrating writing, drawing, and recording, the pen allows teachers and parents to deliver students information in visual, audio, and tactile formats simultaneously. This multisensory presentation capability enables teachers to reach students with different learning styles more easily and effectively. Parents and students can record multiple parts of a song at the same time, with instructor comments and guidelines..
3.  The audio recording capabilities of the smartpen support recording the scales, songs to practice, the harmony if needed and the teachers instructions and comments for every individual lesson and group lessons facilitating learning by listening.
4.  Parents can use the smartpen to perform games such instruction with puppets  providing comments such as “Meet Professor Long Bow”:  They can record lyrics especially when students are studying level one songs, to help the stucents learn
5.  The smartpen supports music composition which many Suzuki students are eager to try (at, students can open a free account to write music, editing, playing and saving their compositions).
6.Livescribe digital smartpens offer the capability to transfer the recorded music to a personal web space, a 500MB Livescribe private computer area, where the handwritting, drawings and audio can be published on the Livescribe Public Community where friends and family can review them without owning smartpens!
7.  To teach listening comprehension, a teacher can use a similar procedure to create an audio recording where the student listens to a title of a song or listens to a technique and then uses the pen to identify a corresponding word or phrase.
This technique can be applied to simple vocabulary used for playing music, or it can be taken to a literary level by employing technology that narrates step by step instructions aloud, or music.  Capture a history of your student’s playing of a particular song over time to see the student’s incredible progress.
Can you see how a digital audio recording smartpen makes learning Suzuki easier?

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I have inserted below a video on the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen prepared by my friend Scott Foster of Need an, a great place to visiit to address your copywriting and website design needs. Scott shows you the smartpen and a few of the things you can do with it, so easily!

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