Digital Smartpen Plus Sound Stickers Help Teach Grammar

Digital Smartpen Plus Livescribe Sound Stickers Helps Children Learn Grammar

How to Use Technology to Make Learning Grammar Fun

A digital smartpen like a Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen, APX-00005,  with the Livescribe Sound Stickers App helps children learn grammar. Many early childhood programs feature interactive tools like the Livescribe Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen products to make learning interactive and fun.

Parents and teachers realize that using technology to create interactive activities puts the educational activities in a play context.

Parents can use a digital voice recording pen in combination with the Livescribe Sound Stickers App to create interactive talking stories, exercises and games to boost children’s language skills, confidence.and love of learning while making learning subjects like grammar fun.

What is a Digital Smartpen?

Handwritten formula

Using a Livescribe Smartpen


A digital smartpen is an electronic pen recorder that records integrated handwritten notes and drawings. Livescribe Smartpen products like the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen let you capture complete handwritten and drawn notes while simultaneously recording audio notes of a lecture or meeting, synching and storing handwriting and audio notes for search and replay.

Search Livescribe Notebook(s) on smartpen or Livescribe Desktop using a keyword or keywords.  Tap a keyword with the smartpen to replay and share the synched and integrated notes you seek.


How Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen Products Help Kids Learn

Digital Audio Recorders are among best learning tools for kids. For example, one way the parents can engage kids at home is by creating Talking Storybooks where the kids tap a Livescribe Sound Sticker or a Sticky Note to read a story, or read each page in a storybook.  In earning to read mode, the parent reads can each word with the student,sounding out the words in each sentence on a page.

Parents can also engage kids in practicing learning exercises using Livescribe interactive sound stickers.  Learning English grammar may seem boring to a student who is not engaged in the learning process. A parent can use an interactive exercise to put the exercise(s) the child needs most in a play context and make learning grammar fun.

Can an Electronic Pen Improve Children’s Grammar Skills?

Can parents really use a Digital Smartpen to improve their child’s grammar skills? Young children will learn better and more quickly if they are more engaged in reading, vocabulary and grammar exercises as well as interactive games that capture the child’s excitement and sense of wonder.

The more engaged in learning the child is, the easier it will be for the child to learn at home and for the parents to help their children improve linguistic skills like grammar. The kids may start to see the grammar exercises in the reading program in a play context.

According to the Harvard Family Research Project (HERP), parents are the primary bridge between school, family engagement and out-of-school activities.  A Livescribe Echo Voice Recorder Smartpen can:

  • Help educators and parents understand children’s learning needs;
  • Record parent/teachers conferences, exchange text messages and facilitate communication between school, tutors and families;
  • Share key up-to-date results
  • Support learning during out-of-school-time (before and after school, extended day and summer activities.

A recent Leapfrog message promoted “Building Spelling Skills with free activities and printables”.  A child’s teachers might recommend FREE LeapFrog and other age-appropriate activities to be done to improve linguistic and grammar skills.

Parents can Use Livescribe Voice Recording Sound Stickers App to Create Custom Exercises and Games

Parents can create custom vocabulary, reading and grammar exercises as well as games for for a child using a Livescribe Digital Smartpen to record an audio and handwritten or digital text message on  Livescribe Sound Stickers.

The multiple choice exercise can be recorded with answers for each choice.  The child taps on an answer sticker to hear the question and the answer chosen, and whether the choice is a winner or not.

With a digital voice recorder smartpen and the new Livescribe Audio Recorder Sound Stickers App, more imaginative and bold learning initiatives can be created especially for your child. Exercises can be created that open the door for imaginative ways to capture the child’s excitement while practicing reading, vocabulary, and grammar at home.

Parents can buy the Livescribe Voice Recording Sound Stickers App at Livescribe Inc., and download the Sound Stickers App to the pen.  There are 1000 adhesive-backed sound stickers in a $15 Livescribe Sound Sticker package.

Use sound stickers to create a game, muli-choice exercise, a word wall and many other learning aids.

Perhaps the neatest thing about creating a talking story book or exercise for your child using the Livescribe sound stickers is that parents can record their audio files using their own voices.  The parents can read stories in a way that their own child enjoys the most.

If a child likes the sound of the monster in Beauty and the Beast roaring the way Daddy roars, he can accommodate the child.  Parents can record the sounds the children like the most, the exercises the child needs most and likes best. These interactive eBooks are great at building skills and excitement but most the versions are very expensive.

Great Source for Creating Exercises to Help Children Learn Grammar

Dr. John Nelson, the co-ordinator of the MA program in ESL/bilingual education at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) has recently completed a two volume book entitled “Making English Grammar Meaningful and Useful”. The two volutmes, one targeted to Teachers and one to Students are modeled after a class he teaches at UMBC.

In the book, Dr. Nelson attempts to demystify the teaching of English grammar.  Dr. Nelson has taught ESL to elementary and secondary school, university and adult English language learners. Each topic is categorized and Dr. Nelson includes detailed descriptions of grammar points with dozens of exercises parents can use or extend, as well as the answers to the multi-choice questions.

The book contents will inform parents of age-appropriate exercises for ESL, foreign language learners and regular students. For parents and teachers the book exercises will take most of the work out of creating exercises to help children learn grammar.

Learning Prowess is Built Small Steps at a Time

As John F. Kennedy once said, “A Child Miss-educated is a Child Lost”. An imaginative process of a child assimilating grammar and reading comprehension skills is one that is achieved in small steps.

Amazing interactive eBooks are available now with audio versions that read to the child.  These interactive eBooks are great at building skills and excitement but most the versions are expensive.

In the LeapFrog Early Reader Series a child can tap on an object to hear the word or phrase pronounced and the definition.  The child can also tap on a sticker on an object to read the page.

There are also interactive exercises in each book that extend the reading comprehension and vocabulary learning activities. Parents can use the Livescribe Sound Sticker App to create similar exercises and games.

The Imaginative  Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Stickers App

The Livescribe Sound Stickers App is downloaded onto the Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen which digitally records sounds similar to talking into the microphone of a MP3 recorder and player. The biggest difference is the fact that the recording device is a pen. It operates like a true digital voice recorder pen only if it can capture sounds and record handwriting and drawing at the same time.

A parent or teacher can write on the label and record audio before affixing the sticker on a page of the Talking Storybook or on a Word Wall.

How a Livescribe Digital Sound Recorder Operates

An Audio Voice Recorder Smartpen like the Livescribe Echo Smartpen 4 GB APX00005 is a relatively simple and inexpensive electronic pen that can do things considered almost magical.  It can record audio and store it in the memory of the Livescribe smartpen itself and playback the audio with amazing clarity.

Once the audio recording is stored, it can be transferred to a computer hard drive, a flash drive, or an MP3 player,

The Livescrie Audio Recording Sound Stickers App is downloaded to the digital pen where audio is recorded and stored in the memory of the pen. Sound recorded on the pen is transferred to the memory on the sticker.

The audio recorded on the sound sticker may be that of the teacher or the parent.  The ¾ inch recorded sound sticker is adhesive-backed and can be affixed to an object for a vocabulary lesson.  The parent or teacher simply records the answer, pronounces the word(s), uses the answer in a sentence and tells the child whether the choic is correct.

Using Livescribe Sound Stickers with Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder Smartpen boosts a parent’s potential for helping their children with homework. The ability for an elementary school student to listen and respond to a vocalization of a story or an interactive exercise confirms that the student has comprehended the lesson and answered the question correctly.

Imaginative, fun interactive activities can help the child learn grammar step by step and build skills and confidence.  The more students get used to using grammar in this fun way at school and at home, the larger kids’ appetites will be for more reading fun and more books.

Parents can use a digital smartpen plus Livescribe Sound Stickers to boost their children’s reading skills and help their children learn grammar.  With interactive exercises created using Livescribe Sound Stickers, they can provide optimum reading and grammar fun in a play context.

Is the Livescribe 4GB Echo APX-00005, the Best Digital Smartpen for Helping Children Learn Grammar?

Livescribe digital voice recorder smartpens offer many benefits for parents as well as helping their children learn.  Because of the cost of the Livescribe smartpens, elementary and secondary school students should use these digital smartpens under the supervision of a teacher or parent.

Recently, Livescribe has increased the price of the 2GB Echo Smartpen more than 20%.  The price of the 2 GB Echo product is close to that of the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen product, APX-00005, which has twice the smartpen storage.

The 2 GB Echo Smartpen includes Livescribe Connect Basic, while the 4 GB Smartpen Product which is about $20 more but has twice the smartpen storage. The 4 GB Echo smartpen also includes Livescribe Connect Premium (offering email capability, a $15 value).

Current Recommendation

Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen APX-00005, is ranked currently fourth at Amazon in Electronics in  Digital Pens and fifth in Digital Audio Recorders.  I believe the Livescribe Echo 4G Smartpen is the best study tool for parents and the Best value!

For details on the Echo 4 GB product at Amazon, click here:4GB Echo Smartpen APX00005 .


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