Livescribe ANA-00043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App

Livescribe ANA-0043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App Godsend for Professionals 

If you’re a business professional, you owe it to yourself to look at the Livescribe ANA-00043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes. As you know, it’s important to keep record of and track everything important and then share.

The challenge here is having an effective way to record all content that is important, organize it and communicate effectively. This year Livescribe released their Sticky Notes Voice Recorder app to address these exact needs.

If you are familiar with Livescribe’s digital voice recorder smartpens, then you know that you can capture everything you hear and what you write on your pen. The recordings will be integrated and saved on your pen or on your computer for later access. Typically, big dot paper notebooks have been used in order to record your voice and writing. Not if you use Livescribe Voice Recorder Sticky Notes. If you want something easier to use and more versatile, then the Livescribe Dot Paper Sticky Notes are perfect.

Like the Livescribe notebook, you can record your voice and writing on to the pen and transfer notes to the computer but the sticky notes are more versatile. Each 3″ X 5″ note pad has 450 sheets of adhesive-backed paper and each sticky note is removable from a surface and repositionable. This means the prioritiy of  a sticky note about an issue may be changed, or an assignment for an employee moved to another employee.

A pad of sticky notes is easier to carry around than a notebook or journal and you can use them to organize a to-do list very easily. You can quickly organize contents of notes in your sticky pads and figure out what you need to do.

Livescribe Digital Smartpens Effective Recording and Communication Aids

Livescribe Digital Voice Recording Smartpens optimize each stage of the note taking process, from capturing every word of a lecture, conversation, meeting or conference while recording hand written notes drawings and synthesizing the recordings.

The digital notes from audio recording and note taking can be stored on pen for searching or transferred to the professional’s online personal Livescribe webspace and organized for searching, replay and sharing.  The smartpens optimize every step of the note taking process from recording, to organization and management for searching, report preparation and sharing.

Digital smartpen technology in digital smartpens like the Livescribe Pulse and Livescribe Echo has transformed the pen from a writing instrument into a multimedia communication tool.  Drawings of visual input can now be integrated with audio recordings and written notes, stored and searched in digital form.

The Livescribe Digital Smartpens are also awesome multimedia tools for sharing and collaboration. The multimedia output can be transferred to computer (Livescribe Desktop), organized for sharing, reviewed, updated and exported through multiple media using Livescribe Connect to email or send to Facebook, Google Docs or Evernote via computer,  or mobile phone.

These multimedia communication tools create an office tool of enormous power, providing professional with unprecedented opportunities at every stage of the management process.

Communication with Employees, Teachers, Parents and Colleagues Key

Perhaps the most important use of this digital pen is as a tool for communication Professionals to Employees, Professionals to Colleagues, Teachers to Parents.

President Obama has a cradle-to-career plan to reform our nation’s schools. He is calling on parents to take responsibility for their child’s success. His vision includes the belief that all children can and will succeed, and that parents are the bridge to this success.  Teachers help their students  succeed by connecting with parents.  Parents can help their children to succeed by:

  • finding out what’s needed to ensure the student reaches his or her potential
  • learning how the parent can help reach the identified goals.
To understand the role of the Livescribe Voice Recording Smartpen and the Livescribe Sticky Note App in Parent/Teacher communication, check out this UTube video.
Use of the Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App for Note Organization and Search

Another key use of the Livescribe ANA-000043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App  for organization and management of recorded notes.  You can add one to a page of a Livescribe Notebook or Textbook as a reminder of where you recorded the note and key points.

Livescribe Sticky Notes can be used as interactive organizers that group contents of the sticky notes with pages with similar content. Rather than having multiple pages you have to sift through in multiple notebooks, you can have all the content in one notebook page, original with sticky notes.

Are you looking for examples on how to use the Livescribe Sticky notes? Then consider the following: You have to research and come up with a marketing plan. You take down notes by using your Livescribe pen to start the recording process. Now that you have your notes, you have a ton of ideas and references on what you’ve written down.

You can then record your sticky notes on the smartpen and transfer them to the computer.  Once stored you can grab your new sticky notes and pass them to meeting participants as reminders or stick them to the appropriate page of the meeting agenda and minutes.

The transferred notes can be used to create a custom Livescribe Notebook-public or private- by dragging and dropping content from a Livescribe notebook and the  sticky notes app, recording keywords for searching and organizing the related notes or put them in appropriate spot on one of your notebooks.

You can view and revise the Custom Notebook or even email it to your employees, meeting participants and colleagues  using Livescribe Connect to ask about what they think. You can also transfer your notes to Evernote and share them that way.

The whole process will increase productivity for your business activities. The old way of taking down notes and trying to remember where you put them, where all relevant pieces are and what you were thinking is no more. The recording will remind you of your exact thought process at the time. You also don’t have to explain your notes when you transfer the notes on to somebody else.

In conclusion the Livescribe ANA000043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App is perfect for professionals. There are many ways you can use the app from brainstorming, doing research, creating a to-do or list of action items, or even coming up with a shopping list. Create an assignment list, an address book, a Livescribe Launch Line Shortcut, or special email list.

Now the whole process of jotting down ideas and organizing is more fluid and intuitive. Sharing your notes is a great use of this app. Livescribe ANA-000043 Voice Recorder Sticky Notes App can be a godsend for professionals.

For details on the 2 GB Echo Smartpen,  Click: Livescribe 2G Echo APX-00008


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