Digital Smartpens Learning Resources for Helping Kids Read

Leverage features of two best-selling digital smartpens for best results!

Digital Smartpens are Learning Reasources for Helping Kids to Read. You have heard about the phrase Leapfrog Tag Learn to Read System, haven’t you? It is a very popular digital smartpen application  that uses an interactive digital smartpen, called the Leapfrog Tag Reader, or Tag, as a learning resource to help you help your child learn to read or read better! And of course you have heard that the Livescribe Pulse , a multi-functional interactive digital pen that has many capabilities that you can be use to help kids learn to read. The two digital smartpens are innovative learning resources that can be used together for helping kids read. Did you know that the Leapfrog Tag Reader and the Livescribe Pulse are based on the same digital pen technology, the Anoto digital pen and paper technology? We are going to take a look at these fun, educational learning tools that will gain your child’s attention and then keep it until they acquire the skills they need to start to compete in this world – How To Read!

What is a digital smartpen?

A digital smartpen is actually a digital pen that looks and writes like a ballpoint pen. Both pens have a small computer inside, and a tiny camera to record the position of the pen tip. In conjunction with special paper, the pen digitally records whatever the child taps or touches (Tag), or the parent writes or draws (Livescribe Pulse). At the same time, the audio recording digital pen plays back the sounds recorded when the pen taps the paper or is used for handwriting. Recorded audio and text can be played back by touching the pen to the dot paper at the desired point. The Tag holds 32MB and stores up to 10 stories on the pen.   The Livescribe Pulse stores 2GB of content.  The recorded digital information on each digital smartpen can be transferred via USB cable to the personal computer Desktop) for on line storage.

To illustrate how easy it is to use a Livescribe smartpen, I have included this video about the  award-winning Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen which  is featured in this video by my friend web designer and copywriter Scott Foster.  Scott owns a Pulse Smartpen as I do.  This video shows how much Scott believes in the Livescribe smartpens and how highly he rates their value.  He presents a clear demonstration of the Livescribe smartpens’ easy-to-use transcription functionality, allowing you to record everything you write and draw, edit the recordings, and convert the handwriting to digital text.  The Killer App, though, most people believe, is the voice recording feature, rather than the handwriting recording and transcription.   Here is Scott’s video.*

In addition to the features described in the video, all the Pulse and Echo pens are voice recorders that can capture every word of a speech, lecture, conversation or tutoring session. The audio recordings are very clearly indexed to synchronize with your written notes, a groundbreaking feature allowing easy access to playback from any point in the recording and the ability to update the recording and maintain synchronization.  All Pulse and Echo smartpens share these amazing feature sets; to compare the differences in storage and audio outputs, check out my handy side-by-side comparison of the models.


Scott Foster’s video copyright at Need an Article,

How Can the LeapFrog Tag Digital Pen Help My Child Learn to Read?

The LeapFrog Tag Learn to Read System is the best-selling learn to read system in America.  As a learning resource the digital smartpen has won 28 awards in six countries and is ranked # 7 at Amazon in Educational Toys and Games.   This popular reading system uses a digital pen specially designed for the small fingers of a child. The Tag Reader is used with more than 40 books and games to teach fundamental reading skills to young children ages 4 to 8.
The best-selling LeapFrog Learn to Read Book Series, I, Consonants, and II, Learn to Read Book Series, II, Vowels, are especially good choices for children who enjoy educational toys and are eager to learn to read.  They are designed to help your child:
  • Learn fundamental reading skills
  • Improve listening
  • Improve spelling
  • Improve rhyming
  • Build vocabulary
  • Improve phonemic awareness.

LeapFrog Tag Learn to Read Phonics Book Series I: Consonants and Short Vowels

The first series of six books teaches consonants and short vowels while recording fun stories with a lot of funny sounds. The child can choose to play the book audio, or to sound out the word the child taps.  Tapping an animal will produce a sound and the name of the animal.
The stories help kids hear how all of those sounds form words that they can then duplicate and follow along with in the written text.  There are 6 books in the Consonants Book Series.
The books teach short vowels, sight words, rhyming and then, using these skills, take the child on a trek through most fun stories.  At the end of the book are activities that will help the child learn phonemic awareness, and practice rhyming.

A Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen Can Make Learning to Read Fun

Something that makes the Leapfrog Enterprise Learn to Read Phonics Book Series just a little more state of the art is the digital pen that is used in conjunction with the LeapFrog Phonics Book Series.  Using this digital pen, the child can hear the individual sounds that combine to make the words and they can see and hear how they do that!

The pen is also used to make the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) and the characters in the story come to life.  It is an entertaining and educational trip!

The Livescribe Pulse 2GB Smartpen (APX-00003) activities and exercises can accelerate learning with the Leapfrog Tag Reader! The Livescribe Pulse 2GB smartpen can be a learning resource for helping kids read this summer. It can be used to create many activities that will help your child have fun while improving reading skills, including activities like those that come with the Leapfrog Learn to Read Phonics Book Series. Animal noises can be downloaded from the Livescribe website ( to use with activities, games, exercises for vocabulary, etc.  Did you know that the Livescribe CEO used to work at Leapfrog Enterprises and he was known for his animal noises? Use a funny animal sound to indicate a wrong answer.
Livescribe Pulse 2 gb Smartpen is a learning resource for proactive parents who want to help their child learn to read and avoid the summer slump. Examples of the fun educational activities that the Pulse Smartpen is capable of include::
  • Activities that build listening comprehension.  The parent can create an audio recording of an e-book, or a story  where the student listens to a word and uses the pen to identify the corresponding image (tapping the image might make neat sound)
  • Activities to practice reading comprehension.  The pen can record the parent reading aloud to the child from a storybook; the audio recording can be played by the child who looks at the storybook when the parent is not there. (When recording the audio, the parent can ask a question, point out something interesting and tell the child when to turn the page)
  • Activities that practice vocabulary building.  Using the Learn to Read Phonics Consonant book on the consonants used with the short vowel “e”, the parent can use the words in the book with words from the prior books in the series and new words as well.  “The hen sat on the eggs” uses two words from the book “The Best Job” and one from the first book in the series. Parents do you realize that Green Eggs and Ham has only 52 words!  Many of the 52 words are found in the books in the first series!
  • Activities that practice rhyming.   Words that rhyme based on the first books include cat, sat, hat, man, ham, pan.  Using the Livescribe Pulse parents can develop matching activities and games like Concentration.
These two digital smartpens are awesome choices to provide entertainment for your child this summer.  Use the two popular and entertaining digital smartpens for entertainment and as learning resources for helping kids to read.  They help children improve the pre-reading and reading skills and help avoid summer slump.
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