Digital Smartpens Study Tools for ADD and ADHD Students

How do I decide whether a smartpen will help my student?

Digital Smartpens can be wonderful study tools for students with ADD and ADHD students who usually  have a persistent pattern of inattentiveness.  If inattentiveness is a real problem for your student, digital smartpens are technologically advanced study tools that are likely to help your ADD or ADHD student in school environments.  But before buying one, it will help to do a little research.

Sources of Information about ADD and ADHD

Since publishing the article, “Digital Smartpens Learning Source for Attention Deficits”, readers have asked about sources for my article.  Some of the sources are reviewed in detail on another website, a website I have not enhanced the last year or two but one where the family health and medical resource recommendations and articles remain valid.  My sources for this website’s recent article include:
  1. Center for Disease Control ( a source with great information on ADD and ADHD including games to play to help a child
  2. National Institute of Health ( a source that has just completed a phenomenal study on ADD and ADHD
  3. Articles by Judy Wright, a health professional who has written more than 250 articles for Ezine including ones on ADD and ADHD such as “ADD and ADHD Children” (I have a number of Judy’s articles on my site; she has given me permission to use her articles categorized as Home and Family)
To look at symptoms accurately consider using the free resource, which allows you to track any two indicators or symptoms over time to support your case when you see a doctor or guidance counselor. ADD and ADHD children, for example, often are irritable and have problems sleeping.  You can use these indicators or others that are more applicable to help you and your doctor assess your student’s condition.
Note: At the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) studies have shown that a large percentage of children are overdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD or misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD when the child is really bipolar or suffers another condition.

Should I Research if a Teacher Identifies My Student as ADD or ADHD

You know your child best.  Accept the input of teachers, neighbors and family members as input.  Do a little research yourself.
My first son is normal; my twins suffer from ADHD.  At ages 2-4 they were very hyperactive and risk taking.
In first grade teachers stated one was behind, perhaps retarded, the second probably gifted. I did not agree with the opinions and had the boys given free tests by a county psychiatrist.  The one labeled as behind is gifted; his brother quite a bit above average but learning disabled (his span of attention was 5 minutes, his twin’s 2 1/2 hours)
In eighth grade the guidance counselor at the middle school called to tell me she was certain the gifted student was on drugs and that his teachers agreed.  I talked to people who knew him and found that they believed he had no attention deficit when he was interested in the activity (examples: junior varsity sports, orchestra)  We did not have him tested for drugs; we had him tested for ADD/ADHD.
Consider looking into ADD and ADHD and decide which symptoms affect your student’s ability to sustain attentiveness and attain success in school.  Evaluate how much the symptoms of the disorder are affecting his schoolwork.  What types of courses does the student  take?  Is there a great amount of note taking?

Consider Your Student’s Confidence

Around third to fifth grade, students prefer to be around students who are similar rather than different, whether the difference is obesity or mental disorder or something else.  It is important to maintain your student’s confidence.  Sometimes behavior modification helps.
One twin started as goalie for years at his request; however, he had a real problem remembering to follow the ball as it moved down the field towards him.  We asked a parent of a team member to alert him when his attention was needed; his skills enabled him to be an adept goalie with this extra help.
There are games you can play to help your student succeed through behavior modification rather than medication.  You can also help your student find activities that develop the student’s abilities and extend his social circle to include friends with similar interests.

Evaluate Your Student’s Notetaking

Check your student’s notes in classes requiring note taking.  My gifted son’s notes were very brief with fragmentary sentences and many careless errors.  He was a very poor listener when he was not interested.  He regularly exhibited a lack of sustained attention, when he was not interested.  Because he was poorly prepared and remembered little of the lessons presented, he often avoided activities and tasks requiring sustained mental activity.  Do any of these characteristics sound like they pertain to your student?.

Should We Consider a Smartpen?

Attention deficits may become more apparent as academic demands increase and the work becomes more complex. For many high school and college students who suffer from ADD or ADHD and have persistent patterns of inattentiveness and inability to concentrate, the new smartpens can empower the students in their school environments.
The digital smartpens provide study tools that will help the ADD/ADHD student at every stage of the learning process while addressing the problems of the student’s inability to concentrate and inattentiveness.
By providing a pen that combines automated recording capabilities with an automated dictation system, a smartpen can level the playing field for your student and provide a foundation for the ADD or ADHD student’s academic success.
With digital smartpens as study tools, the students with attention deficits will be able to record, review, recite, and share information more efficiently than any previous generation with same attention deficits deficits. Knowledge is power, and if the pen has always been mightier than the sword, it is now.
Note: I underlined the phrase when he was interested in the activity because for some students, interest can be so important.  On the sports field or in the orchestra, my son’s ability to concentrate compared with the best athletes, the best musicians.  For subjects that bored him he was very easily distracted and a very poor listener.
Medication for ADHD was prescribed but the side effects bothered him more than the behavior modification we used to develop study skills.
Use of a Livescribe Echo 8GB Smartpen would have been the answer in high school where he took AP classes and in college.  Purchase would have empowered him and lightened the load on me!
If your student has a persistent problem with inattentiveness in classes, consider digital smartpens as study tools for ADD and ADHD students!

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