Livescribe Enhances 2GB Echo Smartpen Social Networking

Livescribe Unveils New Echo 2GB Smartpen

News Flash – Since unveiling the Pulse 2GB Smartpen in 2008, Livescribe has always been on the breaking edge, allowing users to easily record notes and audio to replay on pen or your computer. This article gives a preview of the new pen announced by Livescribe in the end of May and the Social Networking enhancements.

One of the things that have been missing is an easy and intuitive way to share your blogs and website content with other people.  But that is now a reality as you can send and share with Livescribe Connect, a feature that allows you to share on social networking sites.

Livescribe Connect

So how does Livescribe Connect work?  The concept of sharing is just like a podcast where you share audio with your followers.  When it comes to Livescribe, you will be sharing “pencasts” which you will be able to share with friends, colleagues, employees, and business partners.

The features obviously have many uses for many different people. You can send and share with Livescribe Connect via email, Google Docs, Facebook, and Evernote; Livescribe even makes it so that people with mobile devices can access your notes online.

Social media has become a big part of our Internet lives and now Livescribe has made this element come alive for their new product.

Another feature that Livescribe users will really appreciate is the Pencast PDF.  This feature allows you to create an audio embedded PDF file, an  interactive PDF.  Anyone with Adobe Reader 10 or higher will be able to download your PDF and go through the recorded notes. What makes this so great is the fact that PDFs are very popular since more people are buying eBooks, and reading them on devices like the Kindle as well as the iPad, and also because almost everyone is familiar with Adobe Reader.

This is a great way to share content if you represent a business or an organization that wants to offer value to your followers. As for the Livescribe product itself, it works by using a Livescribe digital voice vecorder smartpen with a set amount of space from 2GB to 4GB.  The basic functionality behind all Livescribe Smartpens is shown in the video below.

The award-winning Livescribe 2GB Pulse Smartpen is featured in this video by my friend web designer and copywriter Scott Foster.  Scott owns a Pulse Smartpen as I do.  This video shows how much Scott believes in the Livescribe smartpens and how highly he rates their value.  He presents a clear demonstration of the Livescribe smartpens’ easy-to-use transcription functionality, allowing you to record everything you write and draw, edit the recordings, and convert the handwriting to digital text.  The Killer App, though, most people believe, is the voice recording feature, rather than the handwriting recording and transcription.   Here is Scott’s video.


In addition to the features described in the video, all the Pulse and Echo pens are voice recorders that can capture every word of a speech, lecture, conversation or tutoring session. The audio recordings are very clearly indexed to synchronize with your written notes, a groundbreaking feature allowing easy access to playback from any point in the recording and the ability to update the recording and maintain synchronization.

Scott Foster’s video copyright at Need an Article,

The Livescribe pen is used with a special notebook and you simply press record on the notebook and start talking to start creating your interactive note.

Livescribe Unveils 2GB Echo Smartpen Starter Pack APA-00009

The current Product Code I APX00008; the price of their low end pen, the Livescribe 2GB Echo currently  costs $119.95.  It includes the Livescribe software, Livescribe Connect Basic software, starter dot paper, USB cable, ink cartridge for the smartpen, and guides on how to use the pen. Users that need more storage space on the smartpen can go with the 4GB Echo or the 8GB Echo. Remember that you can upload notes from smartpen to your computer, freeing up space; the entry level smartpen has the same functionality as the more robust models and may be just what you need.

Additional supplies for Livescribe can be bought separately.  This includes the dot paper, ink cartridges, carrying cases, and accessories such as the AC wall adapter are available from their website.  Once you go through the dot paper and ink, you will have to buy refills from the Livescribe.

In conclusion, Livescribe is a breakthrough company with an amazing social networking resource.  They are making great new features as we watch such as the ability to send and share using Livescribe Connect.

The product is perfect for anyone that takes a lot of notes to be searched and replayed whether it’s a student, teacher, or a business professional.

To read about the new 2GB Echo for students, click here: 2GB Echo APX-00008



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