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Livescribe Voice Recorder Pen Products are Learning Resources That Make Group Conversation Fun

The Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder Smartpen is perfect for English Conversation Classes for teachers and parents participating  in a group English Language or a study group.

The Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder is a marvel even when you look at it solely from its basic ability to record audio in any environment and play it back whenever desired. When you take a step back and realize how effective this audio recorder smartpen can be as a learning tool, this device becomes even more impressive.

Livescribe Voice Recorder Smartpen for Foreign Language Study Groups

One area where a Livescrobe 2 GB Pulse, Livescribe  2 GB Echo or Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen product can prove to be enormously helpful would be in a foreign language learning environment.  This article describes pen benefits for those enrolled in an English as a Second Language (ESL) Conversation study group.

In recent years, there has been a huge influx of immigrants from nations where Spanish is the primary language. These immigrants and their children are enrolled in English conversation classes offered at many venues that are intended to help improve their ability to speak “day to day” English.

As anyone who has had difficulty in a language class in the past will attest, learning a second language can be a chore. But does it have to be?

It does not if you have the right tools available for improving your ability to create and follow a lesson plan record, update and improve class notes as needed.

The audio recorder smartpen can capture a complete recording of every word, handwritten note or drawing and store the complete notes on smart pen or computer.

The notes transferred to the pen owners personal online Livescribe Desktop can be stored as a Custom Notebook for easy retrieval and replay, and sharing with the teacher, friends and all group participants.

For a teacher leading a conversation group and the parents participating in an English Conversation group, a Livescribe Smartpen like the Echo 4 GB Smartpen may make this language learning activity much more effective.

For parents in search of the perfect tool for helping their young ones learn to speak English,  improve linguistic skills including pronunciation, and overcome language barriers, the Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder might very well be the one thing that makes the class lessons a lot easier to master.

How Can The Audio Recorder and Smart Pen Help?

The most basic way a Livescribe voice recorder smartpen product can help is that it can easily store the audio of whatever class you participate in on the memory in the pen. Afterwards, the audio files can be transferred to your computer, a flash drive, or any other external source you have in mind.

Once you have a crystal clear recording of your English conversation class, you can review the class notes as often as you like in order to ensure the material remains fresh in your mind. With an optional Bilingual Spanish Language translator you can tap on a word in the notes for pronunciation, definition and use in a sentence. The Translator software can help with verb conjugations as well.

And yes, the words “crystal clear” are not an exaggeration. The digital sound quality is so sharp if you were to close your eyes you would think you were actually in a classroom.

Digital Voice Recorder Smartpen More Versatile

Before you say you can use just any digital voice recorder to capture the audio of a class or study group, you need to be aware of the fact this smartpen is far, far more flexible than competitive digital pens or digital voice recorders.

For example, with the Vision Object MyScript for Livescribe handwriting Conversion Software, you can convert the notes transferred from the pen to your own personal online web space provided by Livescribe with a smartpen.

More importantly, there are quite a number of exceptional apps in addition to the Vision Object handwriting conversion sottware which can expand the ways  a Livescribe smartpen can be used. Traditional digital recorders can’t accommodate these apps so you won’t be able to use such novel and helpful apps as Livescribe Audio Recording Sound Stickers which can be used in a number of creative playback ways.

Remember, a conversation class is designed to help you speak English as part of normal day-to-day activities. Anything that can help improve your language skills can speeds up your ability to converse in scores of common everyday scenarios.

English Language Learners can even record conversations with people in public places and review notes,  if your language skills are improving. Yes, you can take this smartpen to the grocery store and turn a mundane trip into a learning experience. You can carry the Livescribe smartpen 24/7 in pocket or purse, without access to computer until the long life battery (5 to 8 hours) needs recharging.

And by the way, you need not feel this smartpen is to only be used for classroom related activities. Parents and students can create games and exercises and use it anywhere. Parents can use a Livescribe smartpen for recording Parent/Teacher Conferences and for facilitating exchange of penmail with a teacher, librarian or school administrator. Whether in the home or at work, the Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen can be used anytime you wish to record for later review.

A Livescribe Smartpen As A Learning Resource

Of course, parents, friends and colleagues as well as students can use a Livescribe Smartpen like the Echo 4 GB Smartpen as a learning tool in many venues.

You will discover a smartpen’s  greatest benefit is its ability to enhance the speed in which a foreign language learner can improve linguistic skills. You can even help others learn by “broadcasting” your pencasts on the Livescribe Community Online.

Anyone with a Livescribe smartpen can play back anything published on the Livescribe Online Community. Who knows? You might even find a pencast by searching Spanish Language on the Livescribe Online Community that contributes greatly to your language learning experiences and potential.

 A Livescribe Smartpen Is the Core of an Electronic Tool Box

Once again, the Livescribe Echo 4 GB Smartpen, APX00005, often called the Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen APA00006, is a Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder pen that integrates a number of different apps capable of expanding the functionality of this smartpen product.

One of the more fun apps would be the aforementioned app for adding sound clips to Livescribe Sound Stickers stickers using a voice recording smartpen like a 4 GB Echo with the Sound Stickers App. These 3/4 inch sound stickers can then be affixed to objects, exercises like Word Walls, books and book pages to play back words, phrases, and complete sentences.

You can affix them anywhere you want and you can even create flashcards or games with them. Children, in particular, will definitely become more interested in learning if the experience is interactive and fun.

Parents can create a Talking Storybook using the sound stickers on each page of a child’s favorite book. This app opens the door for engaging children in an interactive learning experience. To read about the creativity of the Livescribe Sound Sticker App,  visit here:.

To read about the creativity of the Livescribe Sound Sticker App, check our the video below:

Also helpful is the Livescribe Paper Tablet app, which uses a page focus to facilitate reviewing and adding to Notebook notes that have been transferred to your computer. Add keywords for searching to a Notebook page or a video or digital signature to a document.

The greater your reading comprehension skills, the greater the potential of your linguistic skill improvement. The Livescribe Paper Tablet can definitely help you improve organization of notes for searching, replay and sharing. For a discussion of the use of the Paper Tablet to modify and enhance documents, visit here:

Bottom Line

A Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder definitely can help Spanish-speaking people who are trying deal with a language barrier while improving linguistic skills in  learning English as a second language. A Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder Smartpen  can speed up the language learning process immensely and make learning much more fun.

This Livescribe Digital Audio Recorder smart pen is very simple in concept, but it can spark conversation in an English Conversation Group The Sound Recorder is an amazing interactive device that can even be used by teachers and parents to communicate as well as adding to spark fun and engaging kids learning in English learning exercises, games and activities.

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